What our clients say

By Gor Gor (7/26/18)

The MageFun team adapted the "Magento 2 Product Widget" extension very quickly and well for us. The widget now has extra features, so we can now sell our products much better in our shop. Thank you Magefun, you helped us very quickly, we are very satisfied!

By Svitlana Olekna (6/3/18)

Excellent. It was and it is such great blessing to work and partnership with Magefan on different Magento Websites Projects. I'm impressed with Magefan's high level of expertise in Web Development, Web Design, Graphics, Animation, Search Engine Optimization, Branding, Translation, e-Commerce, Programming, Code Repair especially Magento Platform. Magefan is not only a team of talented, creative and efficient programmers but it is one of the most experienced Developers of successfully designed popular Blog Extension used by thousands of customers throughout the world. Magefan is my partner who works with me on the development of a variety of websites. Overall this time, working with Magefan it was a pleasure every step of the way. Whatever is our web development concern, whenever we have programming, technical issues or little changes, Magefan has a solution. Magefan excels among many Web Agencies for most treasured qualities which difficult to find when it comes to the quality of performed Web Development. Magefan is most honest, insightful, friendly, and very easy to work with. I highly recommend Magefan to everybody who looks for Magento Web Development.

By Isobel Rae (2/27/18)

I was very impressed indeed with the work that Magefan did for us. They understood immediately what we required, and met our spec on the very first attempt. No fuss, no arguments, no bugs, no extra charges. Moreover when we had problems (caused by other developers not by Magefan) Ihor did everything he could to help, even though the problems were not of his making. I cannot praise this service highly enough!

By Jeff N. (12/17/17)

I found Magefan through their excellent Magento blog extension. It was the best blog/cms extension I’ve found for Magento. We needed some customizations so who better to do that than the developer of the extension? They have been very quick to respond to inquiries and complete the customizations. Communication has been clear and the changes well documented. I’m very pleased and hope to continue using them for Magento work. I’ve worked with many Magento developers over the years and this has been one of the best experiences. Keep up the good work!

By Tobias Rodenkirch (11/28/17)

Magefan made different customization for us. And I am not an easy customer. So I came up with a lot of new ideas during the work. But he manage to implement everything perfectly! So it will be definitely not the last time I will ask him for customizations to our needs. Keep up with the good work!

By Nadal (11/16/17)

I can burn my hands for Ihor, cause he is really a amazing programmer and he can solve all issues! Even the ideas that he will give to you is splendid. We now work for six months with Magefan and we would never think of leaving Magefan. Magefan is one of the companies that can work very well with Magento 2.

- Kind and respect towards clients
- If need emergency help, Ihor will drop all work and help you right away
- All tickets can be tracked by a tracking system even the hours spendid
- Very good with finish issues
- And also very fast in finishing issues without bad errors

We can guarantee that Magefan will not let you down, when you choose to let them work on your project.