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Magento 2 Product Labels

Magento 2 Product Labels Extension is a solution that helps you run effective marketing campaigns and boost sales. It allows you to highlight new arrivals, discounted items, best sellers and other products with eye-catching labels and badges.

The ”set and forget” approach ensures hassle-free management and dynamic product labelling. Create product labels once and let Magefan Product Label Extension for Magento handle the rest.

Drive customer's attention to certain products and foster their desire to purchase more.

  • Create multiple text and image product labels
  • Use more than one product label on one product
  • Display different labels to different customer groups
  • Use extensive conditions to show various product badges dynamically
  • Set different labels for category/list and product pages
  • Choose from 100+ ready-made image product labels
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Display product labels on Magento product, category and search pages
Use shapes to create product badges in Magento
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Draw Customer's Attention and Boost Sales

Driving customers' attention to certain products is not always easy. You need to make them stand out to drive sales. That’s what Magento 2 Product Label Extension does best.

It helps you display multiple product badges on Magento pages where and when you want.

Boost your sales by highlighting every product with a unique offer. Show product labels on:

  • - New arrivals
  • - Bestsellers
  • - Discounted items
  • - Items eligible for free shipping
  • - Products that sell quickly etc.
magento 2 product labels
product labels in magento 2

Create Eye-Catching Product Labels

When we say our Magento 2 Product Label Extension allows you to create a unique offer for each product, we mean it. The extensive set of options allows you to create text-, shape- or image-based stickers just in a few clicks.

Create text-only product labels using multiple product attribute values, upload a ready-made label or use shapes.

Additionally, you can optimise the design with custom CSS and HTML for optimal results. Opportunities are limitless with Magefan Product Labels Extension for Magento.

Use Ready-Made Product Labels

To save your time and reduce the workload on the admins we’ve created a library of 100+ Magento 2 product labels and badges for any occasion.

You can just download the ready-made product labels and apply them instantly in the backend.

Use catchy product stickers we provide to create unique offers and make each product stand out.

magento product labels
product label rules in magento

Apply Product Labels to Entire Catalog Automatically

Our Magento 2 Product Labels Extension ensures your product labels are both attractive and easy to manage.

You don’t need to apply them to all products manually and then spend hours editing if something changes.

The label's display is based on conditions. So you can apply labels to different products based on product category, SKU, manufacturer and any other product attribute.

Make your products stand out

Drive customers' attention, boost sales and personalize your offer with custom labels

Offer Something Unique for Each Product

The variety of Magento product label conditions helps you create a unique offer for each product. This makes customers more likely to find something that fits their needs.

Create product labels based on dynamic product attributes:

  • Price range — to highlight discounted products, hot deals, and items with low prices
  • Quantity range — to drive attention to products that are sold out quickly
  • Best sellers — to mark items that are purchased the most often
  • Most reviewed products — to display product badges for most reviewed items
magento product badges conditions
product labels based on product rules

Provide Personalized Offers

Sometimes it’s hard to satisfy each customer’s needs. But not with the Magento 2 Product Labels Extension.

You can show various product labels to different customer groups to personalize the offer.

Display hot deals for general customers, bulk purchase discounts to wholesalers and free shipping to premium customers.

Meet each customer's needs with eye-catching product labels.

Display Product Labels Dynamically

Marketing automation ensures you can get the results you want with little hassle. That’s exactly what our Magento 2 Product Labels Extension offers.

It works on the “set and forget” approach where you configure product label rules just once. The extension handles the rest.

You don’t need to enable or disable the product labels, once you configure the conditions.

Product labels are completely automated and change dynamically for each product as long as they fall into product label conditions.

product label display dates
multiple product labels in magento 2

Run Multiple Campaigns at the Same Time

The more you can offer your customers the more likely they are to accept the offer. Thus, running several marketing campaigns at the same time boosts your sales.

Magento 2 Product Labels Extension allows you to display multiple product badges on one product at the same time.

Just choose different positions for each badge and create irresistible offers.

Ensure the High Relevancy of Each Offer

A variety of conditions you create with the Magento 2 Product Labels Extension helps you cover a multitude of products.

While you can display multiple labels at the same time, it’s not always necessary.

To ensure product stickers are displayed consistently across your entire website, you can discard subsequent rules. Display only relevant product labels on one product page.

product labels priority magento

Make sure it's a good match!

Uncertain whether the Magento 2 Product Labels Extension has all the features you're looking for, or if it aligns with your goals?

edit magento product badges

Same Time and Optimize Your Campaigns

Although Magento 2 Product Labels Extension already saves you tons of time, by handling the labels display automatically, there’s more.

If you want to change the product label position, status and priority or disable it, you can do it directly from the grid.

No need to go to each rule separately to tweak the basic settings. Use Magento 2 Product Labels Extension to the fullest with handy management features.

Adjust the Product Labels Design

To take Magento product labels to the next level you can adjust their design using your technical skills.

The extension uses HTML for text and shape labels and CSS for images. This allows you to tweak the design and make sure the labels are displayed as you see fit.

You can also choose a custom position for the product label display.

magento product label technical options

How to add a product label in Magento 2?

To add product labels in Magento 2, navigate to Marketing > Product Label > Rules and click and Add New Rules button. There you can add text-based product labels or upload the product label images. Then you can also set conditions to define where to display the labels.


How many product labels can I create with your extension?

Magefan Product Labels Extension for Magento doesn’t impose any limitation on the number of product labels you can create. You can create as many product labels as you want. .


Will Magento 2 product labels be displayed dynamically?

Yes, if you use the Magento 2 Product Labels Extension you can create product labels only once. The extension will automatically enable and disable product labels at a specified period.


Do you offer installation for this extension?

Each Magefan extension comes with the extension files and installation guides. The installation service is not included in the extension price and is provided separately. You can purchase it here.


Does this extension come with free support and updates?

After you purchase the extension, you get 365 days of free updates and free support. You also keep the source code of the latest version released during these 365 days.

Yet, if you'd still like to update after 365 days pass, you can renew access to updates and support for 50% of the extension's price. Find more in our license agreement.


Do you offer a free trial for Magento 2 Product Labels?

Yes, you can request a free trial for this extension by filling out the free trial form. If you comply with all the free trial requirements, we’ll issue a trial for 14 days.


Do you offer any discounts?

If no sale is running currently, you can get a discount by subscribing to our newsletter or leaving a review for any of the extensions you already use.


How many websites can I use Magefan extensions on?

According to our license agreement you can use one extension license on one live Magento instance and multiple stage, dev and test instances.

This means the extension will work on all websites within one Magento admin panel. At the same time, you don’t need a license key to use the extension on stage, dev or test websites.

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