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Magento 2 Dynamic Categories Extension

Dynamic Categories are Magento 2 categories that save you from spending a considerably big amount of time adding new products or removing some. Tired of manual settings and dream about this process being automatic? Magento 2 Dynamic Categories module allows you to manage category products on your store in a few minutes setting rules and conditions products will be generated according to.

Compatibility: Magento 2.2.0 - 2.3.4 (CE, EE, B2B)
Version: 2.0.2
2020-03-28 $129.00
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Product Generating Conditions

As to the Dynamic Categories, products are added to a certain category automatically. In order to enable this process, there have to be predetermined some conditions so that the module knows which products fall under the category. You can set certain conditions as well as create a group of conditions dynamic category products will be grouped by. The huge variety of attributes allows you to arrange products in categories by whatever conditions you like.

Old Products Removal

In Magento 2 Automatic Category module there is an option that allows you to Remove Other Products from Category. That means once it is enabled all products in the category you are assigning the rule for will be removed and replaced by ones generated automatically according to the set conditions. It is very convenient if you want to completely rearrange your category products.

Automatic Rules Applying

Dynamic Categories module has the cron script running, which applies the dynamic categories rules regularly. Once there are some products added they are detected by the cron as those falling into the conditions of dynamic categories rules and assigned into the corresponding category. In case you want the rules to be applied immediately you can press the Apply Rules button, but there isn’t any necessity to do it repeatedly.

Automatic Sale Category

Having a category to store all discount products is a great marketing strategy to attract customers' attention to particular products since everyone is always looking for the greatest offers to save some money.

Newly Added Products Category

Since people are in the constant search of some unique products to be the first to use "New" is probably one of the most visited websites' categories. Update it from time to time using dynamic categories to make customers always come back for some specialties.

Magento 2 new dynamic category

Automatic Most-Rated Products Category

No matter how much people like something and how good it is described nothing serves as greater evidence of the product's quality as the rating. So why don't let your customer know which products are at the top of the popularity? This way you trigger them to buy some of the goods since everyone else likes it.

Dynamic Brand Category

Are you managing a clothes store and want to move to the next level and start selling brands? Dynamic Categories extension might be exactly what you need to keep all your categories organized making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

Dynamic Cuisines Category

There are a lot of stores selling different cuisines products (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, etc.) which have not yet organized their stores' categories to simplify their website navigation. If you are one of them use the Magento 2 Dynamic Categories module to improve categories arrangement.

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