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Magento 2 Dynamic Category Extension

Magento 2 Dynamic Category is the extension that allows you to create custom category rules and associate products with categories automatically. You no longer have to worry about spending lots of time adding or removing products from categories. Set conditions under which you want to add products to categories one time and the extension will handle the rest.

Tired of manual Magento catalogue management and want to optimize the process? Give Magento 2 Dynamic Category Extension a try.

  • Add and remove products from categories automatically
  • Associate products with categories based on multiple product attributes
  • Create “Sale”, “New Arrivals”, “Most rated”, “Best Sellers”, “Brands” and other categories
  • Create categories in bulk by pattern
  • Disable categories without products automatically
  • Create the “Shop by Brand” page
  • Display brand logo and description on product and category pages
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Magento 2 Dynamic "New" Category
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Compatibility:Magento 2.3.0 - 2.4.7 (CE, EE, ECE, B2B)
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magento 2 dynamic category

Optimize Your Workflow and Save Time

Assigning products to categories takes incredibly long in default Magento since you do it manually. It takes enormous amounts of time, especially when you have hundreds or thousands of products, and needs to be optimized.

That’s when Magento 2 Dynamic Category Extension comes in handy. This solution helps you to automate the process and eliminate unnecessary manual work. All you need to do is set a few conditions based on product attributes. The extension automatically adds products to categories and removes them after a certain period of time.

Associate Products with Categories Automatically

Once you create dynamic category rules you don’t have to do anything, literally. Dynamic Categories Extension operates based on a cron job that runs regularly to apply the rules. It automatically detects new products you add and associates them with categories based on conditions.

If you want to apply the rules immediately after you create them, you can use the Apply Rules option. Additionally, you can choose to apply the rules on the product save.

automatic magento categories
magento 2 dynamic category rules

Create Custom Category Rules

Since you usually add products to categories based on certain criteria, it will be easy for you to set up custom rules. You can create whatever rules you need and add whatever products you want.

The rules provided by the Magento 2 Dynamic Category Extension are based on conditions. You define attributes you want to group products by and the rules associate them with the categories you choose. It is as simple as that.


Update Current Categories Easily

Once you have Automatic Categories in Magento, you might want to rearrange your catalogue completely. But you don’t need to delete products from categories before that. Our Extension does it for you.

There is the Remove Other Products from Category option that enables you to remove all products from a category. Besides, you can also remove products from all other categories after the rules are applied. The Remove Products from Other Categories option helps with that.

remove products from categories automatically
create categories by pattern magento

Create Categories by Pattern

If you don’t want to create categories manually before setting up dynamic category rules, we have something else to offer. Dynamic Category for Magento 2 is the ultimate solution you can use in different ways. It not only assigns products to categories. You can also use it to create categories automatically by pattern.

Simply specify the attributes you want to group products by and the extension will create new categories with products in them. Additionally, you need to set certain conditions to narrow down the products.

Allow Customers to Shop by Brand in Magento

Magento 2 Dynamic Category improves not only your backend experience. It helps you to provide a better shopping experience for your customers too. They can see better-organized categories and find products faster. But there’s more.

If you sell different brands, you can enable the Shop by Brand feature and allow customers to filter products by brands. Create the Shop by Band category, use the brand slider widget and enable brand search. Additionally, you can show brand logos and descriptions on products and product lists.

magento shop by brand

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preview products in dynamic category

Preview Products Before Publishing

Setting up multiple conditions you need to ensure only the “right” products are added to the dynamic categories. With Magento 2 Dynamic Category Extension you can do it even before enabling the rule.

Make sure all products comply with the conditions you set using the Preview option. Eliminate any possibility of mistakes and keep your catalogue relevant.

Use Dynamic Product Attributes

Although creating dynamic category rules is easy, we’ve decided to simplify the process even more. Magento 2 Dynamic Categories come with a set of Dynamic Product Attributes. They are automatically generated and updated by the cron job for every single product in your store.

You can then use dynamic attributes to have simpler conditions and increase the variety of categories you can create.

e.g. when a product is on discount “Is on Sale” attribute is generated, if you’ve just uploaded a product, “Is New” will be enabled, if the product is sold more than N times, it becomes a best seller and so one.

magento 2 dynamic product attributes
magento sale category

Create Automatic Sale Category

Since everyone is always looking for the best offers to save money, having a category with all discounted products is a great opportunity. It attracts customers' attention to certain products and allows you to sell more.

It takes only a few clicks to set up a Sale category in Magento. Just use the Is on Sale attribute in the rule conditions. Magento 2 Dynamic Category Extension will automatically add and remove products once they are no longer on sale.

Enable a Category for New Products

Do you add new products regularly? Let customers know about the new arrivals using the New products category. Use dynamic attributes to generate dynamic category rules for New Arrivals and update it dynamically.

Products will be added and excluded from this category without you having to do anything.

magento 2 new arrivals
most rates products magento category

Create a Category for the Most-Rated Products

No matter how much people like something, nothing serves as greater evidence of the product's quality as the rating. Nearly 77% of customers confirm to read reviews before making a purchase. Thus, it is a vital decision-making factor.

Taking this into account, why not create an entire category dedicated to the most reviewed and rated products? Use smart dynamic category attributes to simplify the process.

Enable Dynamic Categories Based on Dates

Sometimes, to create dynamic categories in Magento 2 you use the date-based product attributes. However, once the date passes you have to update the rule and change the date to assign new products to the category.

That is why we’ve created our custom condition for the date attribute that is based on today's +/- N days value. It allows you to have new products added and removed from a category on a regular basis without you having to do anything. Now you can create even more dynamic categories like "Back-in-Stock" or "Products of the Month".

dynamic category based on dates

What is dynamic category?

Dynamic Category is the automatic category that is used to assign products to categories based on product attribute conditions.


How to create dynamic category in Magento?

To create a dynamic category in Magento you need to create a dynamic category rule for your standard category and products will be automatically added to it.


Does the rule add products to the dynamic category instantly?

There are 2 separate crons that run once a day each to update dynamic category attributes and rules. However, you can press the Save and Apply“ button after you save the rule and products will be added to categories instantly.


Do I need to update dynamic category rule every time I add new products?

No, you don’t have to update the rule constantly. The extension cron will run and check whether new products fit the rule conditions and add them to categories automatically.


Can I install your Magento 2 Dynamic Categories module via the composer?

Yes, you can. All our modules can be installed via the composer. Once you purchase the extension, you receive keys to the private Magefan composer repository and find the composer installation commands available in the "My Downloads" section.

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Quick Overview Video

If you want to improve your products-in-categories management Magento 2 Dynamic Categories extension is the right solution. It allows you to create categories that generate products automatically based on product attributes.
Products removal from the category or other categories, adding cart price rules products to dynamic categories, product preview, and dynamic category rules attribute options help you simplify product assigning to categories.

Check this video to learn more about how to create dynamic category rule.
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We use the module to create categories based on certain criteria (for example a combination of multiple categories/attributes). And the dynamic category can then be used for our seasonal sales, or they can be used to create landing pages for customers to land on when they click one of our ads.

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