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Magento Speed Optimization Extensions

Search ranking, online visibility, user experience, and SEO depend on how fast your Magento website is loading. Since different factors influence your website speed, these Magento Speed Optimization extensions are a good way to start. Once the speed is improved and pages load faster, your website ranking and user shopping experience will be improved as well.

Magento 2 Rocket JavaScript / Deferred JavaScript
FREE version available
Rocket JavaScript
Special Price FREE Regular Price $99
one-time payment
Magento 2 Image Lazy Load
FREE version available
Image Lazy Load
Special Price FREE Regular Price $79
one-time payment
Magento 2 WebP Images
WebP Images
one-time payment
Magento 2 Theme Optimized
FREE version available
Theme Optimized
Special Price FREE Regular Price $899
one-time payment

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What are Magento 2 Speed Optimization Extensions?

Magento Speed Optimization Extension helps you to improve your overall website speed and boost customer experience. They allow you to convert images into a modern-file format, lazy load images and optimize the JS loading.

Why Do you Need Magento Speed Optimization Extensions?

If your website loads more than 3 seconds, people will just leave to look for some faster alternatives. If people leave your website, it doesn’t seem too relevant to Google and other search engines. So it doesn’t put them up at the top results which badly influences your SEO. 


To avoid this and make your website visible online, you have to improve your website speed. These speed optimization extensions for Magento will help you to boost it for better results with no complex configurations.

Magento Google Page Speed Optimization Extensions Highlights

Use modern file format. There is no need to use old .png and .jpg image files when you have .webp 一 a modern file format that loads much faster. Magento WebP Images module will help you to automatically convert images to .webp with no complex configurations.


Load images gradually. Your catalog and category pages with plenty of product images may take longer to load. Your potential customers just don’t have time to wait for that. Instead, load images on scroll, gradually with the Image Lazy Load. It will load only images that are within the customer's viewpoint.


Defer Javascript loading. Images are not the only elements on your pages that take some time to load. Rocket Javascript allows you to move all JS code to the bottom of the page automatically.