➡ How to install Magefan Magento 2 extensions?

To install any of our Magento 2 extensions, please check our User Guides.


➡ What payment methods are available at Magefan store?

There are various payment methods available at our store Checkout Page. You can pay via PayPal and the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Discover, JCB.


➡ Is your technical support free?

After the purchase, you receive 90 days of free technical support, or you can choose to extend your support period for 180 or 360 days for an additional fee. If your support period has expired, please, contact us to request extended support. If you need any other customizations, you can opt for our Magento 2 services available.


➡ Can I request a customization of the Magefan Magento 2 extension?

Yes, you can request a customization service. Please, contact our customer service to receive a quote.


➡ If I have a question about a specific Magefan Magento 2 extension, do you have the product FAQs?

Yes, you can find FAQ on the product pages too. Please, see the full list of our Magento 2 extensions here, go to the product page you are insterested in and scroll down to find the FAQs. If you didn't find the answer to your question, please contact our customer service and we will gladly assist you!

Orders and Invoices

➡ Where can I download the extension or find my license key?

Find your license key by the following steps: Log into your account > My Downloads.


➡ I cannot download an extension right after the purchase. Why?

Usually, it takes some time for the payment system to finalize the payment. It shouldn’t be more than a few minutes, if it takes too long please let us know.


➡ Where can I see my invoice after the purchase?

Follow these steps to find your invoice: Log into your account > My Orders > Select the required Order > Press “View Order” > switch to the “Invoices” tab. In this tab you will be able to print out both your invoice and order.


➡ I want to add some information to my invoice or change it. How can I do it?

If you wish to make changes to your invoice, please contact our support service.


➡ If I have made a purchase as a guest customer, where can I find my extensions?

Once you make a purchase a customer account is created for you. Check your email and set a password to log into your Magefan account.


➡ How can I get a refund?

After the purchase of any Magento 2 extensions you receive a 30-day money back guarantee, please check our Refund Policy. Besides, please note, Installation service or Custom Development service cannot be refunded after services have been provided. To initiate your refund, please contact our Customer service.

Discounts, Sales and Trial 

➡ Do you have any discounts/special offers/ affiliate programs?

All our special offers can be found on our website or received via newsletter, if you are subscribed. You can also benefit from our Affiliate Program, check more information here.


➡ How to apply a discount coupon?

Once you select an extension and proceed to Checkout Page, you will be able to enter your discount code into the relevant field.


➡ Do you have a free trial period?

Every Magefan Magento 2 extension has a live demo where you can test its features. Unfortunately, we do not offer a free trial period for the Magefan Magento 2 extensions.

Lisence Policy

➡ What is your license policy? Can I install the Magefan Magento 2 extension on many websites?

You can install ONE Magefan Magento 2 extension on ONE LIVE Magento installation, but multiple test, stage and dev domains. Please, check our full License Agreement.


➡ Can I use FREE Magefan extensions on Magento 2 Enterprise Edition (EE) or Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud Edition (ECE)?

All extensions are paid for Magento 2 Enterprise (EE) or Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud Edition (ECE). If you use a free version (do not have any paid orders), you need to purchase the extension to use it on Enterprise and Cloud Magento Instances (EE/ECE).