1. Translate Magento 2 using Translate Inline Tool

    If you need to translate some text in Magento 2 you can use the Magento Inline Translate functionality.

    In order to enable it, your Magento needs to be in the default or developer mode. Then you need to go to Admin Panel > Stores > Settings > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > Translate Inline.

    Magento 2 Developer Configuration

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  2. Magento 2 Blog Access Control List (ACL)

    Blog Extension allows restricting administrator permissions using Magento 2 Asses Control List (ACL).

    In order to configure the access rights for the blog admin pages please go to Admin Panel > System > User Roles.

    Magento 2 Access Control List

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  3. Assign all products to the website in Magento 2

    In order to assign all products to the website please, go to your Magento 2 Admin panel > Catalog > Product and Select All products.

    Magento 2 select all products in the product grid

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  4. Magento 2 Blog Related Product Rules

    NOTE: You can make the configuration of blog related product rules if you use Blog Plus or Blog Extra extension.

    In order to set the related product rules, you have to choose a blog post you are interested in, go to its configurations in Magento 2 admin panel and find the Related Product Rules section. Here you can set the related rules based on product attributes like category, sku, price, etc. If some attribute is missing in the rules please check the article "How to add product attribute to rules conditions".

    Magento 2 Blog Post Related Product Rules

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  5. Configure Auto-related Blog Products in Magento 2

    NOTE: You can make the configuration of auto-related products if you use Blog Plus or Blog Extra extension only.

    In order to enable related products please go to Admin Panel > Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Blog, find  Post View section and choose Related Products subsection.

    Magento 2 Autorelated Posts, Post View

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  6. Configure Auto-related Blog Posts in Magento 2

    NOTE: You can make the configuration of auto-related posts if you use Blog Plus or Blog Extra extension only.

    In order to enable related posts please go to Admin Panel > Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Blog, find Post View section and choose Related Posts subsection.

    Magento 2 Autorelated Posts, Post View

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  7. Change The Layout For All Magento 2 Blog Pages

    If you use Magefan Blog Extension for Magento 2 and need to change the layout e.g. from "2 columns with a right sidebar" to "2 columns with a left sidebar" for all blog pages, please do next:

    1. Create a file


    2. Add the code into it

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <page xmlns:xsi="" layout="2columns-left" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:framework:View/Layout/etc/page_configuration.xsd">

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  8. How to edit Magento 2 transactional email template

    In order to change the transactional emails in Magento 2 go to Admin Panel > Marketing > Communication > Email Templates.

    Magento 2 Transaction Email Template, Email Templates

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  9. Fix blog post media gallery in SmartWave Porto Theme

    If you have any issues with the media gallery in a blog post using SmartWave Porto Theme, please follow the steps below.

    First of all, if there are no blog post media gallery settings in the Magento 2 admin panel, please make sure that you have installed additional magefan/module-blog-m22 extension.

    Then create a new file in your theme directory:


    and add this code into it.

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  10. Creating 301 redirect in Magento 2

    In order to create 301 redirect in Magento 2 please go to Admin Panel >  Marketing >  SEO& Search >  URL Rewrites.

    Magento 2 301 Redirect

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