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New Magento 2 Extensions

Explore NEW Magento 2 extensions that have been developed in recent months. We employed best practices to ensure smooth Magento 2 performance and the best outcome.



Magento 2 Facebook Pixel Extension
FREE version available
Facebook Pixel
Special Price FREE Regular Price $79
one-time payment
Magento 2 Google Tag Manager
FREE version available
Google Tag Manager & GA4
Special Price FREE Regular Price $79
one-time payment
Magento 2 Price History Extension
Price History
one-time payment
Magento 2 Google Customer Reviews
Google Customer Reviews
one-time payment

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What are the NEW Magento 2 Extensions?

New Magento 2 extensions are the latest new extensions developed by our team to serve your Magento needs and solve new challenges.

Why Do You Need NEW Magento 2 Extensions?

Magefan team daily monitors all the latest trends and new updates in Magento 2 ecosystem. We strive to provide you with the best solutions that solve new possible challenges brought by the fast-evolving e-commerce world.

Check our latest developments and we are sure you'll find the best Magento 2 extension that covers your needs.