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Magento Multi Language Extensions

Magento 2 Multi-Language Extensions is a package the best extensions for your multi-language store. Each of them contributes to your worldwide customers' experience and allows you to leverage better conversions.


Translate your Magento 2 store in multiple languages, redirect customers to the store view in their local language and personalize Google search with the hreflang tags. Get all these and many other benefits with Magento 2 Multi-Language Extensions!

Magento 2 Currency Switcher
Currency Switcher
one-time payment
Magento 2 Language and Store Switcher Extension
Language and Store Switcher
one-time payment
Magento 2 GeoIP Switcher
SALE $29
GeoIP Switcher
Special Price $149 Regular Price $178
one-time payment
Magento 2 Hreflang
Hreflang Tags
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Magento 2 Translation
FREE version available
Special Price FREE Regular Price $79
one-time payment
Magento 2 Crowdin Integration Extension
FREE version available
Crowdin Integration
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What are Magento 2 Multi-Language Extensions?

These Multi-language extensions are a package of modules for Magento 2 stores that help to optimize a website for global. They switch between store views, currencies, help to add translations and hreflang tags.

Why Do you Need Magento 2 Multi-Language Extensions?

Selling worldwide puts on great responsibilities on you. It requires you to monitor a lot of things. Language, currency, and content are among the top priorities. When customers from different countries land at your store they don’t want to do any extra steps to discover content in their local language and prices in local currency. 


The Magento Multi-language extensions help you to redirect customers to relevant content automatically. They allow you to translate content to any language and make localized pages appear in search results.

Magento 2 Multi-Language Extensions Highlights

Redirect customer to store view automatically. Improve your customer experience with Language and Currency Switchers. They allow you to redirect your store visitors to the store view based on their geolocation or browser language automatically. Customers will land on the page in their local language without having to switch the store view. 


Translate Magento in the admin. Translating Magento doesn’t require any code changes with Magento 2 Translation module. You can make all the translations right from your admin panel without having to make any additional changes in code.


Add hreflang tags without coding. If you want to attract more customers from around the globe the Alternate Hreflang Tags is a must. They help search engines to “show” customers localized content in their local language. It helps you to avoid duplicate content and makes your Magento 2 multi-language store rank high in SERP.