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Magefan Reward Program

Do you purchase from Magefan frequently?

We have great news for all our customers - everyone who buys from Magefan can be rewarded now.


Earn reward points for:

  • Magento 2 Extension purchase (10% of the extension’s price is converted to reward points). E.g. spend $10 to get 1 point.
  • Registration (5 points)


Spend reward points on any Magento 2 Extensions at the Magefan store. 


Reward Points Conversion Rate

1 point = $1


You can start spending the reward points right after they’ve been added to your account.



Can I use my reward points along with other discounts available at the Magefan store?

Yes, the reward points and any other discounts available on the website for Magento 2 extensions can be summed up on the checkout.


Can I refund my reward points along with my order?

Yes. In case of a refund, the reward points you applied to the refunded order will also be refunded to your Magefan account. The reward points cannot be refunded in money equivalent.


Can the subscription service be paid with my reward points?

No, you can only use reward points during the purchase of Magefan Magento 2 extensions.


What is the reward points expiration date?

Your reward points are valid for 60 days after the points have been added to your account.


Do you purchase from Magefan frequently?

Customers who have joined any of our Partner Programs and benefit from permanent discounts at the Magefan store cannot participate in the Reward Program and get reward points to the permanent discounts additionally..