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Magento 2 Email Attachments

Magento 2 Email Attachments is a solution that allows you to generate and attach sales documents to transactional emails in Magento. You can attach the Order, Invoice, Shipment Credit Memo and Terms&Conditions PDF files to sales emails to be even more transparent about your store policies.

Provide customers with purchasing information in documents to establish a better relationship with your clients.

  • Automatic Magento file attachments
  • Better store-customer communication
  • Effortless sales document generation
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Generate and attach PDF files in Magento automatically
Attach Terms & Conditions PDFs to sales emails in Magento
Magento attach files to emails
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Compatibility:Magento 2.3.0 - 2.4.7 (CE, EE, ECE, B2B)
hyva compatible
Composer Package
Magento 2 Email Attachments
magento 2 send transactional emails with attachments

Improve Your Transactional Emails

By default, Magento doesn’t provide any option to attach PDF files to sales emails. Sales managers need to send them manually or customers have to search for them in their accounts. It is not only inconvenient but not safe since email could be lost or deleted.

Magento 2 Email Attachments extension allows you to generate PDF documents and attach them to transactional emails. Customers can then download the PDFs and keep important order-related information at hand.

Attach Files to Sales Emails Automatically

The only thing you need to set up automatic file attachments in Magento is to enable them. The Magento 2 Emails Attachment extension will then automatically generate the Order, Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo PDF files and attach them to sales emails.

This extension completely reduces the hassles of manual management. Just enable the PDF generation and benefit from it.

magento 2 email attachments

Make sure it's a good match!

Uncertain whether the Magento 2 Email Attachments Extension has all the features you're looking for, or if it aligns with your goals?

magento email attachments

Send Terms and Conditions PDF

Being clear and transparent about your store policy is key to a better customer-store relationship. It helps customers find information about your policies faster and makes them trust you more.

Use Magento 2 Email Attachments to upload the Terms and Conditions file to Magento and send it with every transactional email you send.


Can I install Magento 2 Email Attachments module via the composer?

Yes, you can. All our modules can be installed via the composer. Once you purchase the extension, you receive keys to the private Magefan composer repository and find the composer installation commands available in the "My Downloads" section.

How to send email with attachment in Magento 2?

You can use a development way and do it programmatically or you can use the Magento 2 Email Attachment extension by Magefan to attach PDF files to sales email automatically.

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What our
clients say

We were searching for an easy to use extension that would allow us to attach PDFs of sales orders when our B2B customers placed an order, and other extensions only allowed us to attach documents at the time of invoicing. The best part about this extension is that it allows us to attach documents at the time an order is placed. Support was also available very quickly and we're extremely happy with the attention we received before (and after) purchasing the product.

Sunny C
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Magento 2 Email Attachments
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