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Magento 2 Installation Service

Reduce launching time and go live faster with Magefan professional Magento Installation service.
Installation service also includes configuration of magento extension. We will take care of the setting up right options for you.

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Installation service includes:

  • - installation of a single Magento extension to one Magento instance;
  • - extension configuration;
  • - testing of the extension in your store environment;

Installation does NOT include:

  • - magento installation (please contact us if you need to install Magento);
  • - functional customization;
  • - re-installation or upgrades

To proceed with the installation please submit the following information:

  • - access to your Magento admin panel (URL, login, and password);
  • - ssh credentials (host, port, user, password);

installation service can be performed within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays) after order placed and access credentials have been provided.

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