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Magento 2 Services

We deliver a seamless, robust, and scalable Magento development service to take your store to a new level and increase your bottom line. Our dedicated team of experts with 7+ years of experience will implement the best development strategies to optimize, transform and create custom solutions for you.

We cover anything from strategy, implementations, and integrations to custom development, optimizations, and maintenance.

Magefan offers you a suite of the Magento 2 eCommerce development services catered to your business needs and requirements. Your success is our success since our Magento services are powered by a customer-centric approach.

Magento eCommerce Development Services We Provide

  • Magento backend and frontend customization
  • Responsive and mobile friendly website development
  • Speed optimization
  • Installation of Magento extension
  • Extension configuration
  • Improved Website Performance and increased Core Web Vitals score
  • Boosted SEO and Higher SERP position
  • Enhanced Customer Experience and Engagement
  • Boosted Revenue
  • Grow Traffic and Increase Revenue with Magento SEO
  • Improve Online Visibility and Brand Awareness
  • Boost Customer Experience and Overal Website Ranking
  • Dedicated IT talents with relevant experience
  • Full control and access at top speed
  • Reduced development costs
  • Best Project support with direct interaction 
  • Fast and safe migration
  • Base configuration
  • Fast and safe migration
  • Base configuration

Take Your Magento 2 Store to the Next Level

Choose Magefan development services for Magento 2 that bring results




Stop trying to cover everything on your own. Dedicate your store support to a certified Magefan team of experts who cover everything from top to bottom. We monitor your website round the clock to, optimize vital features, troubleshoot possible issues, create custom solutions, implement necessary integrations and make sure you keep up with your business strategy.


Our Magento eCommerce development services are powered by a results-driven strategy. We help you create a personalized experience for your customers through the best Magento development and design practices. We can create feature-rich custom Magento extensions, deliver highly responsive and engaging interface designs and provide solutions for better engagement and sales.


To meet your goals, reach out to your targeted audience and drive more traffic you have to constantly optimize your website. Except for the Magento development service we offer you a set of robust Magento optimization. Our team of dedicated Magento developers, marketers and SEO specialists works on optimizing your website speed, SEO, sales, and marketing strategies. We help your business grow.


Brands Who Trust Us


Why Magefan Development Services?


Seamless Experience

Magefan provides a fully-featured Magento development service for more than 7 years which allows us to analyze, optimize and transform your website according to the latest industry trends and international standards. We only implement strategies and techniques that really work.

Competitive Pricing

Working with us you get an outstanding experience and the best service at a reasonable price. Though some services go for a fixed price, we offer flexible, personalized pricing plans for development, customization, and optimization.

Result-driven Strategy

Seamless experience in the field and constant development allow us to create results-driven strategies for each of our clients. After analyzing current functional, competition, and industry trends we deliver a road map for improvement that highlights your business goals and requirements.

Personalized Approach

Each Magento 2 store serves unique purchases and drives unique audiences. We deploy a customer-centric approach to cater to our client's needs and deliver personalized strategies. Our Magento 2 eCommerce development services help your business grow and prosper.



  • Magento eCommerce development services include a wide range of services from creating custom extensions and developing a new Magento 2 store to optimizing website speed, technical SEO features, and designing the custom interfaces.

  • Our Magento development service includes a wide range of optimization services from speed to SEO and code optimization. Just let us know your expectations and goal and we’ll audit your website to define what needs to be improved to achieve them. We provide a detailed audit with the estimates and timeline for fixing or optimization of each point.

  • Custom development hour is $50. However, we also offer flexible pricing plans for long-term projects and custom optimization tasks. After we audit your website we provide an estimate and timeline along with any special offers or personalized discounts.

  • To make sure our clients are satisfied with the delivered results we offer a 30 days support period. Once clients report any issues we work on a timely solution. However, this period doesn’t apply to all of the Magefan services. Support is limited to custom development solutions.

  • We’re very flexible when it comes to custom extension development in Magento. Our team carefully examines your requirement and provide feedback on the timeline, expediency, and quote for custom extension or certain feature.