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Magento Speed Optimization Service

Magento 2 Speed Optimization is a service we offer in order to help you boost your website loading speed, improve SEO, increase conversions, and sales, and provide a great customer experience improving engagement. Speed optimization is something you have to pay close attention to since your website’s success depends on it. Let us help you succeed and win your customers’ love.

Benefits of our Magento Speed Optimization Service:

- Improved website performance and increased Core Web Vitals score

- Boosted SEO and higher SERP position

- Enhanced customer experience and engagement

- Boosted revenue 

Magento Speed Optimization Service

Perform Magento performance audit with Magefan! 

Hire the Magefan team for the Magento speed optimization service and increase your website speed and boost revenue.

Our Magento speed optimization services

Web server configuration 

Improvements suggestions based on Magento and best practice recommendations. Implementation of the HTTP/2 protocol to enable faster and more efficient communication between the server and the client's browser. Setting up server-side caching mechanisms like NGINX FastCGI caching or LiteSpeed Cache to reduce server response time.

Magento database optimization

Optimization of database queries by creating indexes, removing unnecessary data, and improving query performance. Enabling database query caching to reduce the need for repetitive queries. Checking for dead locks.

Cache adjustment & Varnish configuration  

In order to ensure the fastest Magento website response time it’s important to configure and optimize full-page caching. Configuration of Block cache if it is missed.  Implementation of Varnish caching to offload server load and serve cached content directly from memory.

Media content compression

Optimization and compression of the image size is an important step for the overall speed optimization process. Converting images to WebP format to keep the quality and compress the images’ size. Using Lazy Loading techniques to improve page speed and reduce network payload. CDN configuration to reduce server load, and improve image loading.

Front-end optimization

Improving server response time. Deferring unused HTML, CSS, and JS files. Configuration of Ajax loading for heavy blocks. Reduce rendering and total blocking time. Optimization of existing code.

Custom code optimization

Analysis and optimization of custom code to eliminate any performance bottlenecks or inefficient queries. Minification and bundling JavaScript and CSS files to reduce file size and decrease the number of HTTP requests. .

Cron configuration

Optimization and scheduling cron jobs to ensure they do not impact real-time performance and are executed at appropriate intervals.


Magento speed optimization workflow


1. Website Audit. We perform an overall Magento performace audit which includes technical, SEO and design audits. The technical audit allows us to reevaluate not only speed and responsiveness issues across different devices but also visibility in Google search and eliminate all the bottlenecks in Magento performance.

2. Server analysis. This step includes server audit and server/database audit specification and configuration. Server audit also ensures your server is protected from external and internal threats.

3. Report and Plan. After the website and server audit has been finished, we create an audit report which states all your Magento website performance pain points and problems. Based on the report we build a detailed plan covering what issues have to be solved to improve Magento speed and provide our quote. 

4. Implementation of the required change. Once the plan is agreed upon by both parties, our dedicated IT talents begin to implement all the changes that need to be made. The change implementation also aims at the timely accomplishment of the set objectives.

5. Tracking. After the previous step is completed, our team will track the progress and results of the implementation to ensure all the audit activities are completed.

magento speed optimizaton process


Why Magefan Store Performance Optimization?



Working with Magefan you will get outstanding solutions to improve your Magneto performance from the team of professionals. We have experience working on multiple projects of different scopes getting top results in their speed quality.  

Top Speed

We ensure that your requests will receive the best and fastest possible feedback from our team to deliver the highest quality Magento speed optimization service.

High Quality

Choosing us you opt for the invaluable experience acquired through years of work with Magento. This has made Magefan company an expert in the platform features and peculiarities.

Trust-based communication

Trust is the top priority in our communication with a client. That is why you can expect open and fast communication throughout the projects. We provide multi-channel support via LiveChat, Email, Text, and Video resources.
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Ihor and his team did an amazing job optimizing our website. We had professional developers build our site in Magento open source, however, they were not able to optimize the site properly. Our website has thousands of high resolution photos due to our large product catalog. We reached out to Magefan and they took us out of the dark ages! For a while, I was worried we would have to move and build a new site on another platform. Ihor recommended a list of items that needed to be taken care of and prices were very very reasonable. thank you guys for helping us stay in business.

Eddie Gulbenkian
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