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Magento 2 Rich Snippets Extension | Structured Data

Magento 2 Rich Snippets is a solution that increases targeted traffic to your website and improves search engine rankings. It allows you to add Magento structured data automatically in a few clicks. No technical skills required.

Price, reviews, rating, video, category, FAQ, HowTo and other snippets. Increase your CTR and website visibility in search results with robust Magento Rich Snippets Extension.

  • Generate product snippets with reviews, ratings, availability and other data
  • Configure organization snippet with company description, logos and social media
  • Enable category snippets to display category images in search
  • Add FAQ schema markup to products, categories, CMS pages and blog
  • Add HowTo markup for your store pages with no coding
  • Display the search box and breadcrumbs in search results
  • Add product video markup
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Compatibility:Magento 2.3.0 - 2.4.7-p1 (CE, EE, ECE, B2B)
hyva compatible
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Magento 2 Rich Snippets Extension

Stand Out In Search Results

Optimizing your website for SEO goes beyond meta titles and descriptions. They don’t usually do the trick.

You need to provide more information for potential customers to click through.

That’s what Magento 2 Rich Snippets are for.

Add price, description, brand, SKU, reviews, and many other structured data. Get attention and drive more clicks than your competitors.

magento structured data
magento 2 schema markup

Drive More Targeted Traffic

Getting tons of traffic is good, but getting tons of targeted traffic is much better. And you can only do that by displaying all vital details directly in search.

Attract only people who are really interested in your products with the Magento Structured Data.

Increase your click-through rates and page value in a few clicks.

Add Product Structured Data Automatically

Price, availability and rating — are the most common decision-driving factors. People will most likely leave if a product doesn’t meet these criteria.

However, not if you provide these details before they land in your store.

Use the Magento 2 Rich Snippets Extension to add structured data to all your products automatically.

Just tweak a few options and drive prospects directly from search.

magento product snippet
category schema markup magento

Show Product Collection in Search

Reviews, rating, price, and breadcrumbs make your page stand out. No doubt.

But it is category structured data that makes your store impossible to miss.

Make your website instantly noticeable in search results with the category rich snippet.

Enable one option and the Magento Schema Markup tool will handle the rest.

Highlight Your Organization in SERP

Building brand awareness and online presence is not easy. But the Magento 2 Rich Snippets Extension can make it a little easier.

Make your store more recognisable in search with the organisation structured data.

Add description, logo, fax, social media and price range.

Improve website visibility and reach out to a wider audience with no effort.

organization structured data in magento
magento 2 faq structured data

Answer All Popular Questions

Your potential customers might have a lot of questions before they even land on your page.

Address their concerns directly in search with the FAQ rich snippets.

Add FAQ structured data markup to product, category, CMS or blog pages with no technical knowledge.

Magento Structured Data makes you stand out in search results.

Enable HowTo Structured Data

Tell Google explicitly that your catalogue or content page is a how-to. Make it eligible for rich results in search with the HowTo markup.

Add images, videos, and text to your HowTo markup and make rich results more engaging.

No need to dive into code.

Simply use a widget that comes with the Magento Structured Data Extension.

howto structured data
events structured data magento

Let People Discover Your Events Easier

When people are searching for events to attend a multitude of results pops up. Those eligible for event experience on Google get the most attention.

So that’s where you should aim at.

Add all event details along with the logo, description, dates and offers through the Event structured data.

Increasing the chances of discovery and click-through rates with the straightforward Magento Structured Data tool.

Make sure it's a good match!

Uncertain whether the Magento 2 Rich Snippets Extension has all the features you're looking for, or if it aligns with your goals?

Optimize your Videos for Search

Make the most of your product videos with the video rich snippets.

It makes your videos appear in organic search results and drives more attention to your page.

The best part? You don’t have to do anything.

Magento 2 Rich Snippets generates video markup for your product videos automatically.

magento video structured data
breadcrumbs structured data magento

Show Navigation with Breadcrumbs Markup

Breadcrumbs help customers navigate your store better. The same works for search crawlers and SERP.

Magento Rich Snippets enable breadcrumbs markeup for product and category pages in search results.

Make your links more user-friendly and help Google understand your website structure better.

Enable Sitelinks Search Box

Ever wondered if you can search through a website directly from SERP? You certainly can!

Magento 2 Rich Snippets tool makes that possible with the site links search box snippet.

However, note that it's up to Google which websites to display the search bar for.

magento 2 structured data

What is rich snippets in Magento?

Rich snippets for Magento are structured data that adds additional information to your store pages to help Google and other search engines better understand the page content. It also helps to display product details in search results.


How do you add rich snippets?

To add rich snippets to Magento you need to go to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Rich Snippets and configure product, organization, breadcrumbs and search box rich snippets settings.


Do rich snippets increase CTR?

Rich snippets in Magento help you increase click through rate (CTR) since they add additional information in search which makes your website stand out and encourages people to click.


Can I install Magento 2 Rich Snippets extension via the composer?

Yes, you can. All our modules can be installed via the composer. Once you purchase the extension, you receive keys to the private Magefan composer repository and find the composer installation commands available in the "My Downloads" section.

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Rich snippets can significantly increase your click-through rates and boost visibility in search results. They help you to stand out in search and drive the attention of the targeted customers. 

Learn how to do that with Magefan Rich Snippets Extension.
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