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Reviews about Magento 2 Rich Snippets Extension

  1. Excellent for boosting the website's credibility
    I purchased it specifically for its Rich Snippet functionality among the many features of SEO. It's affordable, and installation and setup are easy. I highly recommend it. it would be very helpful in increasing the website's credibility.

    Review by Dennis Lee

    Posted on

  2. An effective and simple solution
    An effective solution for SEO optimization that does not require any technical knowledge. To increase the rating of the project, you only need to install the extension. Definitely recommend!

    Review by Павло Микуш

    Posted on

  3. Very good for SEO
    This extension really helped us in SEO by increasing our rankings!

    Review by Cosmos Events

    Posted on

  4. Love this structured data
    Amazing how a few snippets on the page can make you stand out in search. The module was lacking the FAQs markup, but once I contacted support they agreed to add it for free. 5 stars

    Review by Ryan Ward

    Posted on

  5. 5 star service
    After installing this module, I see significant improvements in the appearance of the site in search. Recommend

    Review by Андрій Демьянченко

    Posted on

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