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Magefan® is a development team, gathered together in October 2015 shortly before Magento 2 release. We've all been waiting for Magento 2 and this is it. Now we can surprise you with our solutions.

We really love Magento 1.x, but Magento 2 we love even more. Our mission is to provide high-quality extensions and solutions for Magento 2 stores. 

We always do the best for you, and it makes us happy :-)

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Why Should You Choose Us?


Despite being relatively new on the market, our team has successfully earned the trust of a well-respected clients. Reputation is the basis of influence. So we don’t give our clients an opportunity to question our credibility.


Our best developers and specialists have proved to be very punctual in delivering projects.


Keeping up to the deadlines and completing tasks on time usually doesn’t guarantee them to be done qualitatively. However, it not the case with Magefan team. Combining quality with the time-limits in order to achieve higher results is the product of our ongoing development.

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