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Magento 2 Promotions Extensions

Want to boost sales in your store with little to no effort? Find the best Magento 2 Promotions Extension, all in one place. Offer personalized related products, drive attention to certain items and apply coupon automatically.

Skyrocket your sales automatically with solutions that work for you.


Magento 2 Product Labels
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Product Labels
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Magento 2 Auto Related Products Icon
FREE version available
Auto Related Products
Special Price FREE Regular Price $149
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Magento 2 Coupon Code Extension
Coupon Code
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Magento 2 Dynamic Blocks and Pages
Dynamic Blocks and Pages
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What are Magento 2 Promotions Extensions?

Magento 2 Promotions Extensions is a set of tools aimed at growing your sales through automation and personalization. They are based on a variety of conditions that help you to show unique content for every user.

Why do you need Magento 2 Promotions Extensions?

If you strive to increase sales in your Magento 2 store with little to no effort, this extension will help you achieve your results. Magento Promotions Extensions offer cross-sells, up-sells and custom labels for your visitors which drives attention and increases the average order value.

Magento 2 Promotions Extensions Highlights

Add cross-sells, up-sells and related products by rules. Define where and under what conditions to display related product blocks with the Magento 2 Automatic Related Products solution. Encourage people to buy more and increase the average order value.

Show product labels dynamically. Drive people's attention to new arrivals, best sellers, free shipping, best quality, organic and many other products with the Magento 2 Product Labels. Define rules to display images, text, and shape labels for various products, narrow down the rules and who them dynamically by a specified date.

Apply coupon codes automatically. Boost your cart price rules by applying Magento 2 Coupon Codes automatically. Add products to the cart automatically while applying a coupon and redirect visitors to the checkout page right after. Reduce the steps customers need to take and improve their experience.

Personalize content display.Personalise the content your customers see with Magento 2 Dynamic Blocks and Pages. Define the date, time, customer group and other details to display CMS blocks and pages more effectively.