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Magento Admin Extensions

If you’re looking for the best Magento 2 Admin Extensions to boost the admin panel to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. In this category, you will find extensions for Magento 2 admin. They will help you improve product editing, order management, notifications, and other important admin tasks.


Dive in to learn more about Magento administration extensions that make a difference.

Magento 2 Login as Customer
Login As Customer
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Magento 2 Conflict Detector
Conflict Detector
one-time payment
Magento 2 Guest to Customer
Guest to Customer
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Magento 2 Dynamic Category
Dynamic Category
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Magento 2 CMS Display Rules
CMS Display Rules
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Magento 2 Extended Product Grid
Extended Product Grid
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Magento 2 Admin View Extension
Admin View
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Magento 2 Admin Email Notifications Extension
Admin Email Notifications
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Magento 2 Zero Downtime Deployment
Zero Downtime Deployment
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Magento 2 Better Order Grid Extension
Better Admin Order Grid
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Magento 2 Auto Related Products Icon
Auto Related Products
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Magento 2 Auto Related Products Plus
Auto Related Products Plus
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Magento Order Edit
Edit Order
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Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed Extension
Google Shopping Feed
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What are Magento 2 Admin Extensions?

Magento admin extensions are Magento modules that work only within the admin panel. They aim at making admin management faster and more effective. They don’t change anything on the frontend side and function exclusively on the backend.

Why do you Need Magento 2 Store Administration Extensions?

Spending hours on mundane admin chores, admins miss on more important management tasks. Therefore, you need more staff assigned to different admin areas. They need to edit products, and product attribtues, check stock, fill out orders, and arrange products in categories.


We induce our most popular Magento admin panel extensions to make admin management more effective. It will surprise you how much time and effort these extensions save you, requiring little to no time.

Magento 2 Dashboard Extensions Highlights

Improve Order Management. Order management gets fussy sometimes, especially with the huge number of orders. Magento 2 Extended Order Grid helps you to improve order management. It makes the order grid visual and simple. 


Track Important Changes. Stop worrying about missing important changes on your store with  Admin Email Notifications. You don’t have to track them all the time. It sends you notifications about new reviews, disabled cache, low stock, and customer registration. 


Manage Products Faster. Reduce the time you spend on editing products by half. Extended Product Grid saves your time on editing product information. Dynamic Category, on the other hand, helps you to add and remove products from categories under various conditions.


Improve Brand Awareness. Customize your admin panel with our Admin Panel View extension to make it look brandable and professional. Change colors and logos as you like them to be! 


Reduce Downtime to Zero. Running deployment is necessary, but the inconvenient process required to apply any changes to our store. Make browsing your website uninterrupted.  Reduce downtime to zero with the Zero Downtime Deployment.