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Better Magento 2 Admin Order Grid

Magento Admin Order Grid is a solution that takes order management in your store to the next level. It allows you to create a custom Magento admin order grid with product information, order status colours, coupon codes and phone numbers.

You can change order statuses, delete orders, and check bought product information directly from the grid. No need to view each order separately.

Extend your Magento order grid with our extension and provide exceptional customer service considerably faster!

  • Set order status colour and change order status
  • Add product thumbnails and attributes to the order grid
  • Filter orders by product name, size, color, quantity and any other attribute
  • Hide orders with certain statuses from the grid
  • Add coupon code, buyer/recipient info, shipping and billing phone numbers to the order grid
  • Delete orders with any statuses
  • Reindex Magento order grid
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Add multiple product details to the order grid in Magento
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Compatibility:Magento 2.3.0 - 2.4.7 (CE, EE, ECE, B2B)
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Better Magento 2 Admin Order Grid

Manage Orders Faster

Processing orders in Magento is quite limited and time-consuming. You need to go to each order view page to see the ordered items and get the shipping details. But not any more.

The Better Magento Admin Order Grid provides all vital details directly in the grid.

It allows you and your managers to quickly navigate through orders, and find product details and other relevant order information.

magento admin order grid
delete orders in magento

Delete Magento Orders

When you keep storing all orders in the grid, it becomes cluttered and makes finding orders harder. Thus, if an order is closed or cancelled and you no longer need it, why not remove it completely?

Better Magento 2 Admin Order Grid allows you to delete one or all orders from the grid in a few clicks. You can also delete orders from the order detail page if you need to.

Why get a separate extension to delete orders in Magento 2 if our Order Grid Extension has this feature already?

Hide and Change Order Statuses

Having hundreds or thousands of orders makes it hard to manage and navigate through all of them. Magento Admin Order Grid extension helps to keep things simple.

You can hide orders with certain statuses from the grid and work only with those you need. Besides, you can change any order status to complete, processing, closed, on hold, etc.

Get more control over your order statuses and keep the order grid organized!

hide orders with certain statuses
magento order status color

Set Order Status Colours

A simple Magento order grid design makes it easy to manage orders. At the same time, it makes finding certain orders hard since they all look the same.

Make sure you can easily find certain orders right after you land in the Orders section.

Set order status colours for each default and custom status and never lose orders out of sight.

Track Bought Products

When there is a new order, you go to the order details page to see what was purchased and prepare the shipment. Since you can’t remember all products and prices, it slows down the order fulfilment.

The Magento 2 Admin Order Grid Extension changes that.

It allows you to add bought products directly to the grid. You can display product thumbnails in the order grid and order details page to simplify the process.

magento 2 bought products
multiple product attributes in magento order grid

Display Multiple Product Attributes

To improve order management even more Magento 2 Order Grid Extension allows you to add product attributes to the grid. Choose any from the list of attributes and they will be displayed in the order grid.

  • - Name
  • - Price
  • - SKU
  • - Size and colour
  • - Tax class
  • - Purchased Qty
  • - Current product Qty etc.

Make sure it's a good match!

Uncertain whether the Magento 2 Order Grid Extension has all the features you're looking for, or if it aligns with your goals?

Find Orders Faster with Filters

While default Magento allows you to find orders by order attributes only, Better Magento 2 Admin Order Grid goes beyond that.

You can now find orders by any product attribute you add to the grid. Just type product size, colour, name, URL or any other attribute to the Bought Product field.

Additionally, you can filter products by multiple order statuses and easily find e.g. cancelled and closed orders to delete.

filter magento 2 orders
better magento 2 order grid in customer account

Use Better Order Grid in Customer Account

Magento order grid is not the only place where orders are stored. You can also find them in your customer's account.

So, we thought — why not improve it there too?

This way, you can easily scan the orders customers purchased and sort them by available attributes with the Magento Admin Order Grid Extension.

Add New Columns to the Order Grid

Although Magento allows you to add multiple columns to the order grid, some are still missing. Our Magento 2 Admin Order Grid optimizes that and helps you to add some new columns to the grid:

  • Coupon code — monitor orders with discounts much more easily
  • Shipping and billing phone number — contact customers for details faster
  • Buyer and recipient info — optimize default Magento functional and get first/last names, emails, and phone numbers in 2 columns
extended order grid magento
add admin user to order grid magento

Monitor Order Changes by Admins

The Magento checkout process is relatively simple and allows customers to complete orders without effort.

However, sometimes admins are required to create or change orders from the backend.

Magento 2 Order Grid Extension helps you to monitor admin users who made any changes to the order — created, changed the status, added a comment or edited it.

Create Order Grid Templates

Different types of orders are managed differently. You might want to add some extra columns to the Complete orders grid or remove some from the Pending ones.

Save product grid templates to facilitate the order management and easily switch between them.

magento order grid templates
magento 2 order grid

Multiple Grid Columns

If you have all the information you need right in the grid, you spend less time on order fulfilment.

For that, you can add multiple columns to the grid and customize it to easily navigate through the order information.

Add customer group, payment method, customer information, and other columns to the Magento 2 order grid and process orders faster.

Reindex Magento Order Grid

Magento 2 Custom Order Grid benefits you as long as the data there is valid and complete. Yet, sometimes, you don’t see the same information in the order details page and grid for multiple reasons.

We’ve got that covered.

Use the order grid reindex feature to keep order data in the grid up-to-date when something is missing. Our extension helps to optimize your order grid to the greatest extent!

reindex magento order grid
magento orders export

Export Order Items in Magento

Whether you need to send order data to your managers, suppliers, or manufacturers, you have to keep that data organized. Information about the ordered items is usually the most valuable data you need to export.

Our Magento 2 Order Grid Extension helps here as well. You just need to export orders in CSV or XML format as usual.

All information about the bought products as you see it in the order grid will be exported in a separate column.


How to delete orders in Magento?

To delete orders in Magento 2 using Better Magento Admin Order Grid, navigate to Sales > Orders, tick the orders you want to delete and choose the Delete option from the mass actions dropdown.

How do I change the order status in Magento 2?

To change order status navigate to Sales > Orders, tick the orders you want to change the status for and choose the Change status option from the mass actions dropdown. Then set the new status for the order and confirm the action.

Can I install your Better Magento 2 Order Grid module via the composer?

Yes, you can. All our modules can be installed via the composer. Once you purchase the extension, you receive keys to the private Magefan composer repository and find the composer installation commands available in the "My Downloads" section.

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Improve order management, provide better support and save time with our Better Magento Order Grid Extension.

Extect order grid with custom columns and multiple useful options.

Watch this video to learn how to configure it and see it in action!
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