Order processing in Magento 2 can be quite daunting, due to the limited information in the default order grid. Although Magento order gird is missing a lot of things, product image and product information are the most important. 

So, to see what was ordered directly from the grid, you need to add products to the sales order grid in Magento. Today you'll learn how. 

You can check out this short video of the process or follow the instructions below.

Add Product Images to Order Grid in Magento

1. Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Better Order Grid.

2. Choose the Image on Hover option in the Product Column Template field.

Magento 2 Product Column Template

Once you save the Image on Hover option, you'll see the product image in the order grid. All bought product details will be displayed on hover. 

products in sales order grid magento

Add Product Attributes to Order Grid in Magento

If you want to display product attributes directly in the order grid, go back to the extension configuration. Choose Grid as the Product Column Template and choose if you want to display product attribute labels in the grid.

Then select Thumbnail, Name, SKU, Price, Qty Ordered, and any other product attribute you want to add in the Product Column Display Info.

add product attributes to order grid magento

Once you save the setting, products will be added to the order grid along with all the attributes you selected. 

Product Image in Sales Order Grid Magento 2

Add Configurable Product Options to Order Grid

To display size, colour and any other configurable product option in the grid select Production options in the Product Column Display Info section.

product options in magento order grid

Finally, regardless of what template you choose for the product column, product thumbnails will be added to the Items Ordered on the order details page.

Bought Products in Magento 2 Order Grid

Filter Orders By Product Attributes

Once you add products to the order grid in Magento 2, you can use them to find orders. Simply type any product attribute value or name in the Bought Products filter and find relevant orders faster.

filter orders by product attributes magento

It is really convenient to add products to the sales order grid since you can see exactly what is ordered. It allows you to spend less time finding relevant orders and processing them correspondingly. 

However, that's not the only thing that might come in handy. You also need to know how to change order statuses and delete orders to ensure optimal order management.