Magento 2 is a platform that allows you to manage multiple products and process multiple orders in the admin panel. However, unlike with products, there is no option that allows you to delete orders in Magento 2.

  • Doing tests to ensure the ordering process is flawless you create a lot of test orders you don't actually need.
  • If there are a lot of canceled orders you might want to remove them from the grid to keep it "neat and clean".

These are just a few cases "Delete Order" option in Magento 2 might come in handy.

So, in this article, you will learn how to delete orders in Magento 2 with no technical skills or code editing involved. 

In this case Magento 2 Better Order Grid Extension comes into play. But don't think "Delete Order" option is the only thing this extension offers you. Follow the steps below or jump to the end of the article to watch a video.

Steps to delete order in Magento 2:

1. Navigate to Sales > Orders and select the order you want to delete.

2. Unfold the Actions dropdown menu and press Delete button.

Delete Order in Magento 2

3. Confirm you want to delete the selected order and press OK.

Delete Order from Grid in Magento 2

Once you confirm you want to delete the order, it will disappear from the grid.

Can you delete all orders in Magento 2?

Easily! Simply take the same steps mentioned above and select all orders you want to delete.

Magento 2 Delete All Orders

Can you delete orders from the order editing page?

Yes again!

Just go to Sales > Orders, select the order you want to delete and press the Delete Order button.

Magento 2 Delete Order

This is how easily you can delete orders in Magento 2 with the Magento 2 Better Order Grid Extension. However, as promised, deleting orders is not all it enables you to do. You can also:

  • Set order status colors
  • Hide orders with different statuses
  • Add product thumbnails to grid and order editing page

And this is still not everything this module can do. Check out all features of the Magento 2 Better Order Grid Extension!