How to Edit Orders Without Cancel in Magento 2?

As one of the most important processes in your store, order management plays a vital role in both customers and admin's experience. If it is not time-effective and convenient for both parties, it's a missed opportunity.  

To optimize the process you have to edit orders without cancel and extend the order grid field. However, by default, you have to cancel an order and create a new one every time you need to edit a customer name, order status, payment method or ordered items, etc. 

It increases the workload for the admins and makes processing orders in Magento quite ineffective. 

So, in this comprehensive guide, you'll learn how to edit orders without cancel in Magento with the Magento 2 Order Editor.

How to Edit Orders Without Cancel?

Editing order in Magento requires redundant steps which are not enough for optimal order management. You can't edit any of the order details without canceling the order and creating a new one.

However, there is no need to call out for developers or learn how to code to change order details in Magento faster.

Order Edit Extension makes everything a breeze so anyone could edit orders in Magento in a few clicks.

So, let's review things you can edit without leaving the order view page. 

1. Change general order information

To be able to tweak your sales strategies and improve order placement for your customers you have to keep all of the order information organized.

Order Editor allows you to change order numbers, update order statuses, change website or store views where the order was placed, or even a date when it was placed. 

Edit Order in Magento 2

It enables you to streamline the order management on each of your websites and track valid order data.

2. Update customer details

There are multiple scenarios why you might need to update customer information. But the most commons are simple typos in customer names or emails. It might prevent them from receiving order confirmation emails and you — from using these details in your future marketing campaigns. 

Edit Customer Information

That being said, you can edit all customer information from name and email to customer group, gender, and VAT number.

3. Change customer

Sometimes it also is that customers purchase products for someone else as a gift and want the order to be transferred to someone else's account. If it wasn't because of the Order Editor, changing order customers would be a multi-step process.

With the order editor though, all you need to do to change the order customer is select a corresponding customer in the popup. 

Change Order Customer Magento

4. Update shipping&billing addresses

Except for personal information, customers can sometimes request to change their billing details like VAT number or company or an address where they like the products to be shipped. 

Edit Order Address Information

This feature is available in the Magento by default. However, there are no options to edit payment and shipping methods following the new billing and shipping addresses.

So, that's when Magento 2 Order Edit Extension comes in handy.

5. Change payment and shipping methods

Once there is a new billing or shipping address, it makes sense to update payment and shipping methods for an order. With Order Editor it takes about a few seconds to choose a new payment method.

Change Payment Method per Order

Same works for the shipping methods. But you can also set custom shipping price.

Edit shipping rates for Magento order

6. Update ordered items

One of the most common customer requests is probably related to ordered items. They might order a product in the wrong color or size. It could also be that customers accidentally order more items than intended or forget to apply a discount. 

Order Editor is very flexible in updating ordered items as well. You can easily apply a discount, remove items from the order, edit tax rates or change the size, color, or number of ordered items.

Magento Edit Order Items

Opportunities are limitless. And you don't need to cancel orders to change order items. 

How convenient is that?

7. Quick order edit

Better than the ability to edit order information in the Magento order view page, could only be a separate page with all editable order details.

Magento Edir Order Without Cancel

Magefan Order Editor adds a separate Quick Edit page where you can change all of the information related to the order and click Save.

How to Track Order Changes?

There is so much information you can change with this Order Editor, you have to keep track of what is changed and by who. So the last but not least option you can use is tracking.

At the bottom of the order page, you will see a date, time, and changes admin users make to order. It helps to provide better support for customers and keep things organized in the backend.

Order Changes Tracking Magento

Want to test how fast it is to edit any of the order details? Check out our live demo and try it yourself. 

It takes nothing but a few minutes to get order data organized and updated for better backend management or customer support. And if you also combine it with the Extended Order Grid can get even easier.