Magento 2: Update or Delete Order Items

Have you been in a situation where you had to remove some products from the order or change the size and color? Unfortunately, such things happen in eCommerce all the time. But while you can't control what customers might need to change in the order, you can optimize the process and edit orders more effectively.

So, one of the first questions you might ask when processing Magento orders is "Can I add or remove items from a Magento order?".

Sadly, the answer is not positive unless you know some coding or have access to the database to update order items programmatically.

For those of you who want to update or delete order items in the Magento 2 admin panel, there is a solution — Magento 2 Edit Order Extension. And today you'll learn how it works to update order items in seconds.

To update or delete order items in Magento 2:

1. Navigate to Sales > Orders and find the order you want to edit.

Magento 2 Order Grid

2. Scroll down to the Items Ordered section and press Edit.

Magento Ordered Items

3. Magefan Order Editor allows you to update every ordered item, change the quantity, add new products, and plenty of other things:

  • 1 — Configure product options: size, color, or any other custom configurable option of your products.
  • 2 — Set a Custom Price for each of the items in an order.
  • 3 — Change ordered items Quantity
  • 4 — Apply Coupon Code to the order total.
  • 5 — Add some more Products.
  • 6 — Remove items from the order, Move products to Shopping Cart or Wishlist

Note: you can move products to the shopping cart or wishlist only if the order was placed by a registered customer. For guest orders, you can only remove products from the order.


  • 7 — Update Items and Quantities.
  • 8 — Change Tax Rates.

Update Order Items Magento

4. Once you finish updating order items, don't forget to Save the changes and check the order subtotal. 

It is important to note that you will need to generate a new invoice after you update or delete order items from the order.

But that's not it. 

Ordered Items are not the only thing you might need to change in your orders. Sometimes there are typos or other mistakes in the customer information, shipping, billing addresses, etc.

Magento 2 Order Editor covers you here as well. So it is the robust solution you can use to edit orders in Magento 2 from top to bottom.