Change Tax Rates in Magento Orders

Depending on the tax rates options you set up while configuring taxes in Magento, each order will fall under different tax rules. As long as customers don't change their shipping addresses, there is no need to edit tax rates in Magento orders. 

However, if for some reason, customers requested their order to be shipped to a different location, you need to change the tax rates accordingly. Since default Magento doesn't allow you to edit orders, this guide will teach you how you can do just that. 

You'll learn how to edit tax rates in Magento orders within an order view page with the Magento 2 Order Editor.

To edit tax rates in Magento orders: 

1. Navigate to Sales > Orders and find the order you'd like to edit tax rates for. 

2. Scroll down to the Items Ordered section and click Edit.

tax amount in ordered items magento

3. Change the Tax Rate and press the Update Items and Quantities button. 

Edit tax rates in Magento orders

Note: here you can also edit or delete order items, set custom price, apply discounts or change configurable options. 

4. Click Save and check the new tax rate applied to the order.

Taxes in Magento orders

The order will be saved with new tax rates and a changed row total. However, that's not it. 

Since you only edit tax rates when the shipping address changes, you might as well need to change shipping rates for an order.