How to Change Shipping Rates in Magento Orders?

Although processing orders in Magento 2 is quite easy, as a store manager you should be ready for any unexpected situations. Fixing typos, removing items from an order or editing the billing address — is a small part of what you have to handle before an order is shipped.

Even then, you might still need to edit the shipping address or shipping rates. Unfortunately, Magento is limited in this regard and you can't change much without cancelling the order. But not if you have the Magento 2 Order Editor.

So, today you'll learn how to edit shipping rates in Magento order before shipping. 

To edit shipping rates in Magento orders: 

1. Navigate to Sales > Orders and find an order you'd like to change the shipping rates for. 

2. Scroll down to the Shipping&Handling Information section and click Edit.

edit shipping rates magento

3. Change the Shipping Method if necessary.

change shipping method magento

4. Set Custom Shipping Rate for the order and click Save

set custom shipping rate magento

Once you save the changes you'll be able to see the shipping&handling price change in order totals. 

magento order shipping and handling

But that's not it since there are a lot of details linked to customers' locations. 

You change the shipping method and rate in case a shipping address is changed. And since tax rates depend on location too, you also need to change tax rates for Magento orders.