Create Custom Products in Magento POS

Though a POS system usually offers you plenty of features and flexible functionality, it doesn't fit every possible scenario in your store. Some errors might happen, a cashier can't find a product in the system, or items are simply not added to the POS system yet. But customers are getting impatient at checkout. 

How do you get out of this situation? 

The answer is custom products or custom sales. This feature helps you to create new products right at the checkout, so it goes smoothly. Today, you'll learn what are custom products in POS, why you need them and how to create some using Magento POS System.  

What are POS custom products? 

Custom products in POS are products that don't fit into any existing item in your POS system. These products have customized titles and prices, and are created directly at the checkout if cashiers can't find any products that fit the requirement. 

Custom products or sales help cashiers to close sales smoothly and sort things out with a missing item later.

When Do You Need Custom Products in POS?

You can create custom products in POS immediately to close the sale. But it is not a feature you use constantly. There are only a few cases when you use the custom sale feature.

Products can't be found

The most common reason why you might need to create custom products is the products can't be found. Due to errors in the barcode reader, or the POS software, a cashier might not be able to find a product.

Not to cause any delays or eliminate errors at the time of sale, cashiers create custom products and fix the issue after the transaction. 

Products aren't in the POS system

If the products can't be found, it could be that they are simply not in the POS system. Staff members might have missed it during the input process or it hasn't been added yet. But you don't refuse to sell a product to a customer. You add a custom product instead. 

Products have a special price

Although most POS system software has a separate feature for this, sometimes you need to add an extra discount. It is common for Magento when no cart price rule fits a particular case and you need to think fast. Custom products are a short-term solution to any of these cases. 

How to Create Custom Products in Magento POS?

The custom product functionality is similar in most POS systems. The only thing that may differ is the steps you need to take to add them.

Note: custom product option is available in the POS Extra plan. 

To add custom products in Magento POS: 

1. Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Point of Sale > Custom Sale and enable a corresponding option. Additionally, you need to set a Product SKU to serve as a placeholder in a custom sale. 

custom sale pos

Note: by default, POS Custom Product is created. It is a simple product with no required options and visibility set to Not visible individually. If you decide to change the product SKU, you need to create a similar product. 

pos custom sale

Don't forget to Save the setting and move to the POS frontend to check how this feature works.

2. Click on the cart icon near the search bar to add a custom product.

custom sale magento pos

3. Set a product Name, specify a Price and Quantity, and proceed with a sale. 

magento pos custom product

Once you place an order you'll find it in the admin panel. The SKU of the product will be specified accordingly. 

custom product in pos system

POS custom products save a lot of time and reduce the stress on the cashiers and customers. The former don't have to waste time looking for a product that simply might not exist yet while the latter don't wait in line endlessly. 

However, custom products are not the only way to make shopping more convenient for your customers. Enable self-checkout in POS and allow customers to shop at their own pace.