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Reviews about Magento 2 POS System

  1. I use this pos and can not add to cart configurable product
    I can not add to cart configurable product using this pos free version.

    Magefan's reply:

    Thank you for your review, however, the configurable product support is not provided in the free version of POS, which is stated on the pricing page: https://magefan.com/magento-pos-system/pricing.

    Review by sysnova sysnova

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  2. Easy to manage
    Thanks Magefan for a tool that does exactly what it says. Unlike other vendors this pos doesn't offer a myriad of features you have to pay for additionally. Design is simple and there is no learning curve. We close most orders via tablet so I love the responsiveness.

    Review by Diana Kuvalis

    Posted on

  3. User friendly pos
    The pos is very easy in its design and very user friendly and for sure it can grow to a good pos for the offline store. every new employee can work with it within 5 minutes lesson.

    In my eyes the pos is on this moment not a Beta but Alpha version.
    so remind if you buy the pos plugin in this stages that you need to help magefan with bug reports and provide them real world usage problems.

    There is still one very important pos cashier option missing and this limited now to use it in a real store. all real world pos systems have this option and for a good reason.
    when you get customers with products which have an old price or new price its impossible to finalize the order, there need to be a option to change product prices when add the products to the pos cart. same option as you can do with creating orders in the magento dashboard. its impossible to say to customers sorry i need to do changes in the webstore and you need to wait. so this price change option will solve allot.

    support from Magefan is good , they try to solve issues fast and especially impressive in the time from electricity blackouts trough Ukraine.

    Review by remon segers

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  4. Install
    Still buggy, will not install correctly.

    Magefan's reply:

    Thank you for your review. Unfortunately yes, our system is still beta as we've declared in the name. But we're happy to hear about any inconveniences and receive any bug reports so we can fix them timely and make the POS system work for you.

    Review by Lonnie Brodie

    Posted on

  5. Top service
    We installed this free module to manage our retail stores in Magento. I like everything so far. Thank you!

    Review by Den Kirchan

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