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Reviews about Magento 2 POS System

  1. Muy bien y el soporte muy eficiente.
    Tras probar varios, entre ellos uno de Webkul que era una basura, al igual que el soporte del mismo, que después de dos meses no fue capaz de hacer funcionar.

    Magefan POS, de maravilla. Resultado excelente, funciona bien y los típicos errores de todas las extensiones en Magento te los solucionan muy bien, de forma eficiente y sin errores.
    Se preocupan y se esfuerza de verdad en ayudarte.
    Estamos Agradecidos y contentos.

    After trying several, including one from Webkul that was garbage, as was its support, which after two months was not able to make it work.
    Magefan POS, wonderful. Excellent result, it works well and the typical errors of all the extensions in Magento are solved very well, efficiently and without errors.
    They care and really try to help you.
    We are grateful and happy.

    Review by La Bicicleta Pacense S.L.

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  2. POS is amazing
    We acquired the POS for our site in Mexico and it has worked perfectly, it helps us a lot with sales control, I just hope that in an update it can also be used offline

    Review by Your Key Store MX

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  3. Point Sale
    Excellent extension for Magento, it integrates perfectly with my site, we use it for our physical store and it is very comfortable and intuitive

    Review by Mario Perez

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  4. Amazing product
    We have been using the POS module for about 2 months now and it just worked right after installation. Absolutely MUST have for any stores that needs direct integration with M2. I've tried with other POS systems and not have been so quick and problem free as this one.

    Support has been very quick to answer all our questions, furthermore they have implemented some amazing features that we thought was a good idea as well, for example sending the ordernumber to stripe also, so bookkeeping becomes a lot easier.

    All in all, 10 out of 5 stars, for the product and last but certainly not least, for the team.

    Review by Gzim Sokoli

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  5. MAgefan POS - Super
    Best and affordable POS system for us. The fact that it puts a normal order in magento is key for our processes. Also support is above average, so keep up the good job..

    Review by Randau Meijerink

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  6. it's a great extension I'm amazed
    it's a great extension I'm amazed, and it's doing all I wanted, I've been looking for something similar until I lost hope of finding an extension that will work smoothly like the magefan.com team did, I can print and make a sale on my iPad and quantity will be changed on website, it works very well for us as we run an online shop and a brick and mortar location, without double selling items.

    Review by Mosa El-Nile

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  7. Great software
    Magento POS software works well for us, does everything we need. Linking with the Stripe Card Reader is the perfect setup.

    Review by Chris Meakes

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  8. POS
    After trying the points of sale, it is indeed a very wonderful extension, only the vat zacat ksa is missing in order for it to work in Saudi Arabia without problems - https://zatca.gov.sa/en/E-Invoicing/SystemsDevelopers/Documents/QRCodeCreation.pdf
    Magefan's reply:

    Thank you for your feedback Abdullah. We'll review your suggestion regarding the vat zacat ksa and get back to you.

    Review by abdullah alhulaili

    Posted on

  9. Nice product but still feels "in development"
    I like the basics of the product. Support is outstanding but still a few issues with seem hard to solve. Not ready for use in production I believe (I still can't add products to cart when manage stock is set to no). Also products with variations can still not be added to cart. Probably add quantity selector and/or variation selector? Als still don't understand why the POS frontend must be installed in a subdirectory of the PUB folder, so when I update the extension I need to reüpload the pos folder. This is a bit annoying since the product is regularly updated and I just prefer a composer update. 4 stars because of pricing (499 seems a lot but compare it to other systems and you will find out it is quite cheap.

    Magefan's reply:

    Thank you Remke, for your honest review. We appreciate your feedback and already work on a new releases to fix all the issues, you've pointed out. You won't need to reupload the pub folder manually and worry about the stock management option being set to no.

    Review by Remke Douwes

    Posted on

  10. Very promising system !!!
    Have used several systems, but after comparison decided to use Magefan POS Extra,
    * the system is new and allows you to develop in the required direction, add required features, options
    * POS extension made simply, intuitively.
    * User friendly design/interface.

    Most Important: Great TEAM !!!
    MAGEFAN is responsible team, focused on long-term cooperation.

    Recommend to all !

    Review by Igor Solomonidze

    Posted on

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