If you want to change the order number in Magento 2 you must have a valid reason for it. Unfortunately, Magento doesn't allow you to add any prefixes, suffixes, or custom characters to your order numbers which would make them easier to recognize. 

By default, order numbers have 9 digits. It is not very convenient since it doesn't tell much about the order and doesn't allow to process orders fast enough.

Whether you want to add a store code, year, or any other custom character to your order number, you have to customize them.

The easier way to do this is with the Magento 2 Edit Order Extension. So, today we'll cover how to change order numbers in Magento with just a few clicks.

To change the order number in Magento 2: 

1. Navigate to Sales > Orders and find the order you'd like to edit the order number for.

Magento 2 Order Grid

2. Edit Order and Account Information.

Edit Order Details Magento 2

3. Change Order Number in Magento 2 by removing redundant characters, adding the store identifiers, year, or other prefixes or suffixes that make it easier to read the order number for your admin manager. Don't forget to press Save.

Change Magento Order Number

Once you edit the order number you will see it change instantly. 

Magento 2 Change Order Number

The same goes for the order grid. Isn't it more convenient to find orders with shorter and customized numbers?

Magento Orders

Changing order numbers in Magento requires nothing but a simple config. No manual changes to the database or coding. Magento 2 Edit Order extension makes it possible to edit orders in the admin panel.

And as you might have noticed, you can also edit all of the order details, like order status, website, date, customer, and others.