How to Add HowTo Structured Data in Magento?

Google search results are becoming more elaborate than ever to deliver the almost experience to searchers. If you know how to leverage it to your benefit you'll be able to drive more traffic to your store and establish a better relationship with search robots. 

HowTo structured data is a markup you use to explicitly tell Google that your pages are how-tos. While it might not be among the most popular rich snippets, it is quite important for content pages if you want to make them eligible for rich results. 

Just like any other type of structured data, you will have to add the HowTo markup using JSON or microdata. To save from the hassles of code editing, we've added the HowTo rich snippet widget to the Rich Snippets Extension to help you add it directly from the admin.

Eager to find out how it works?

To add HowTo structured data in Magento 2:

1. Navigate to the page you'd like to add the HowTo markup to and jump to the Content section.

We've added the markup to the CMS page, but it could be a product, category, or any other how-to page.

2. Select HowTo by Magefan as a Widget Type.

Magento Widget Tool

3. Choose the Structured Data Type.

Typically Google allows you to pass data via JSON or HTML. So there are three different types available.
1JSON-LD (application/ld+json)
— there is the JSON object and HTML on the page.
2JSON-LD (application/ld+json) Without HTML
— there is the JSON object, but no HTML on the page.
3Microdata (HTML attributes and tags)
— HowTo structured data is defined through HTML attributes and tags without a JSON object.

4. Set the title of the how-to in the HowTo Name field.

5. Specify the instructions in the HowTo Steps, including Name, Text, Image URL, and Step URL, given that the name and URLs are options. 

HowTo Structured Data Magento

Note: it is recommended to specify the optional properties as well since they contribute to the rich presentation in search results.

6. Set the HowTo Description generally explaining what your how-to is about.

7. Set the How to Estimated Cost to define the cost of the supplies required to perform the instructions.

8. Enter the URL of the featured images of your how-to in the HowTo Image field.

9. Specify the supplies (consumed) required for performing the instructions in the HowTo Supply section.

HowTo structured data entitites

10. Specify the supplies (not consumed) or instruments required for performing the instructions in the HowTo Tool.

11. Enter the HowTo Total Time necessary to perform the instructions.

12. Choose a Template for the HowTo markup if the structured data markup you've selected makes the HowTo visible on the storefront. You can select default or your custom template.

HowTo markup settings in Magento

Don't forget to Save the widget properties and save the page where you've decided to insert the HowTo widget. 

If you want HowTo structured data to be visible on the frontend you can go to a corresponding page and check it there. However, if you intend the HowTo to be displayed only in code, use Rich Results or Validator to validate HowTo rich snippet.

HowTo Structured Data validated

With the HowTo structured data in Magento, you won't only make your content pages more eligible for rich results. You will be able to communicate to Google that the main focus of the page is how-to more explicitly. 

However, at the same time, you shouldn't forget that other types of rich snippets are important too, especially for product pages. So, next, you can check out how to add rich snippets in Magento for other pages.