Since most of your website traffic comes from Google and other search engines, it's essential to make that traffic relevant. Quality of traffic always outweighs quantity. Therefore, even if you receive a lot of traffic, a small part of it really converts. 

Google rich snippets, among other product page SEO practices, are there to help your Magento 2 store generate more targeted traffic and drive quality leads. 

Though there are up to 100 structured data markup schemas out there, your eCommerce store needs a minimum of 7 to make it work.

If you're new to all of the SEO-related concepts or just start your way to better website traffic, we'll help you get along with Google rich snippets in Magento.

Here you'll learn what are rich snippets, why you need them, and what rich snippets you need the most. 

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets are small pieces of code also referred to as Structured Data Snippets that help you to pass structured data about the page contents to Google and other search engines

Google rich snippets provide additional information to "communicate" to search engines what your page is about. It improves your website visibility in search, boosts traffic, and brings other benefits to the table.

Rich Snippets in Magento 2

The most popular rich snippets for Magento are reviews, price, and availability. But we'll cover more along the way. 

Why Do You Need Rich Snippets?

You might not see the benefits of rich snippets for Magento right from the start. They don't influence SEO directly and don't improve your website ranking in SERP.

Still, they do more than that.

They make your pages stand out in search engine page results and do wonders driving more traffic to your store.

Here is what that means for your Magento 2 store.

Improved Online Visibility

There are thousands of pages in SERP that rarely or never get clicked. It is the small number of the first 5 search results that get all the attention.

The ultimate goal of every business is to make it to the top. So, Google rich snippets help you stand out and improve traffic even if you're only on your was to the top results.


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Increased CTR

Every Magento store strives to improve its click-through-rate (CTR) metrics. Yours is not an exception. Google rich snippets make your pages stand out by adding relevant data to search results. 

When your potential customer has all the info they need to decide to click e.g. reviews, price, availability, they are more likely to do it. It allows you to target only relevant traffic and drive people really interested in your products.

Decreased Bounce Rates

The more relevant your traffic becomes, the less likely people will leave your website without even browsing. So, the structured markup schema leads to a decrease in bounce rates correspondingly. 

Fast Website Indexation

Search engines regularly index your website pages. Rich snippets rely on structured schema markup added to your page's HTML. So, they make indexation faster and  easier. 

Why Use Rich Snippets

Important Google Rich Snippets for Magento

As we've stated before, there are multiple rich snippets used for different purposes. Still, only a few are useful for your eCommerce store. They are divided into 2 groups: eCommerce Rich Snippets and Common Rich Snippets.

Here are the most important rich snippets for Magento 2 store:

1. Magento Product Schema

Magento by default offers a simplified Google rich snippets markup for product rich snippets. However, it is missing the key product properties like SKU, Name, Image, Review, and Brand.

So, the product schema is used to inform the search engine that the current page is related to the product.

2. Reviews&Rating Schema Markup

The only thing that makes you different in SERP is a Title and Description. However, it alone is not enough to make you stand out. Adding reviews and rating to the search results ultimately drives attention to your page.

It will also help customers define whether your product follows their rating conditions. 

Reviews Rich Snippets

Wouldn't you be more attracted to such results?

3. Availability Schema

There is nothing more frustrating for your customers than discovering a product is sold out after they've landed on your website. This makes them bounce off which negatively influences a page ranking.

That's why availability schema markup is a must for rich snippets in SERP. It will let your customers know about products availability right from the results page.

Availability Rich Snippets

4. Pricing Schema Markup

Offer schema or pricing markup is among the top sale-driving rich snippets you need to implement for Magento. You can also display a special price (discounted price) as per the configured markup.

Customers might need to compare the prices right in the search results and click on the one that suits their needs best.

Price Rich Snippets

5. Organization Schema

Organization schema markup is best for brand awareness and online visibility of your Magento 2 store.

Adding organization rich snippet allows you to include logo, working hours, address, fax, social media links, and other company info in search results. 

Organization Rich Snippets

6. Rich Snippet Breadcrumbs

Instead of displaying a page URL that doesn't provide many insights, you can use breadcrumbs. They provide information about the place of the page in the website structure which adds on to your customer experience.

Breadcrumbs rich snippets make it easier for customers to understand what page they're about to enter.

Breadcrumbs Rich Snippets

7. FAQ Rich Snippets

Though your product page answers all of the questions customers might have, adding FAQ rich snippets schema will definitely come in handy. It increases customer engagement, drives more attention to your page in SERP and make your FAQs eligible for rich results.

FAQ schema in Google search results

How to Test Rich Snippets?

After you add rich snippets to Magento, you should make sure they are added correctly. 

These tools to validate rich snippets:

Besides, you can always find your rich snippet errors and warning in Google Search Console.

Google rich snippets for Magento are not a recommendation. It's a must for more targeted traffic, higher conversions, and user engagement. They help your eCommerce store stand out in search and drive relevant leads.