How to Add FAQ Rich Snippet to Magento 2?

Since Google search results are now more interactive, visual, and informative than ever, you have to explore that opportunity to improve CTR. FAQ rich snippet is one of the most important rich snippets for the Magento 2 store. 

Along with the rating, reviews, availability, and breadcrumbs, FAQ markup helps you to address customers' questions directly in search. It helps you to target people really interested in your products and services. 

If you already have an FAQ page, you should mark those FAQs with structured data so they are featured in Google snippets. We'll help you with that. 

What is FAQ Rich Snippet? 

FAQ rich snippet is one of Google's search snippets that include questions covered on a certain page. Every question unfolds when clicked on and has an answer from that question.

FAQ schema in Google search results

Just like any other Google rich snippet, FAQ snippets are enabled by a structured markup FAQPage schema.

If you want the rich snippet to work there should be 2 required properties:

  • Main entity: Question
  • acceptedAnswer: Answer

Here's what it looks like when applied: 

    <title>Example Site - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)</title>
    <script type="application/ld+json">
      "@context": "",
      "@type": "FAQPage",
      "mainEntity": [{
        "@type": "Question",
        "name": "What is the return policy?",
        "acceptedAnswer": {
          "@type": "Answer",
          "text": "<p>You can return the product within 40 days from purchase in case it doesn't fit you, is damaged, or falls under other return policy conditions.</p>"
      }, {
        "@type": "Question",
        "name": "Do you ship to my country?",
        "acceptedAnswer": {
          "@type": "Answer",
          "text": "We ship to all countries across Europe and USA. Find the full list of countries on the checkout page."
      }, {
        "@type": "Question",
        "name": "How much do you charge for shipping?",
        "acceptedAnswer": {
          "@type": "Answer",
          "text": "<p>Shipping fees depend on your country and vary from $10 to $80 USD. You can get free shipping if you follow our loyalty program for more than 6 months.</p>"
      }, {
        "@type": "Question",
        "name": "When will I receive my order?",
        "acceptedAnswer": {
          "@type": "Answer",
          "text": "Delivery usually takes from 3 to 14 days based on the destination country and the delivery method you select on the checkout page."

How to Add FAQ Rich Snippet to Magento?

Following the example above you can easily add FAQ snippet in Magento to the CMS page. But what if you want to add FAQs to product pages, categories or blog posts? It would require significant technical knowledge to apply FAQ structured data. 

Instead, you can add it in a few clicks with Magento 2 Rich Snippets Extension.

It enables you to add FAQ schema to any page of your store without diving deep into code. Correspondingly it allows anyone to manage rich snippets from the admin panel. 

Here's how.

Add FAQ Snippet in Magento via Page Builder

1. Navigate to Content > Elements > Pages and find a CMS page where you want to add FAQ rich snippets and start editing content

2. Drag and drop the columns and text sections to start creating your content and click on the Widgets icon.

Magento Widget Tool

3. Choose FAQ by Magefan as a Widget type.

4. Select

Since Google allows you to pass data either via json or HTML, there are 3 different types you can choose from: 

  • JSON-LD (application/ld+json) — there is the json object and HTML on the page. 
  • JSON-LD (application/ld+json) Without HTML — there is the json object, but no HTML on the page.
  • Microdata (HTML attributes and tags) — FAQ structured data is defined through HTML attributes and tags, no json object is used.

5. Fill out the FAQ List with questions and answers. 

6. Select the Template for the FAQs which defines how they will be displayed on the front end. 

Magento 2 FAQ rich snippet settings

7. Insert the widget, save the page, and go to the storefront to check how FAQs are going to be displayed. 

Add FAQ rich snippet to Magento

Add FAQ Snippet in Magento via Widgets

Another way to add FAQ snippets in Magento is through widgets. 

1. Go to Content > Elements > Widget and Add New Widget.

2. Fill out basic widget settings like Type and Design Theme to continue.

Add widget in Magento

3. Configure Storefront Properties.

Magento FAQ snippet widget

4. Define where to display your FAQ rich snippet widget in the Layout Updates section. 

Magento widget layout updates

5. Fill out the widget options the same way we did above and Save the widget. 

FAQ structured data markup Magento

After saving you might need to clean the cache to see the result on the frontend. 

Magento FAQ Snippet

Category and CMS pages are not the only places where you can apply FAQ structured data markup. Add it to products and blog posts to improve customer experience and display relevant information in search results. 

However, you'll also need to configure rich snippets for product, organization, breadcrumbs, and search to drive targeted traffic and stand out in SERP.