Dear Magefan customers,

We want to notify you about the breaches in the working process of our company.

Not every day your country is attacked by a crazy Russian dictator. And as many of you know - Russia began a full-scale war against Ukraine.

Yesterday our beloved country, our families, our children woke up in a new reality where we started to hear frequent air raid alarms because of the Russian invasion.

That is why our office was closed yesterday and will be closed for today and the next few days.

We want to inform you that we will do everything we can to make sure our team is safe and to provide you with any possible support in these conditions, although there may be some delays in reply.

We believe and hope this war against Ukraine will end soon.

Stand with Ukraine!

Still with you,
The Magefan Team
(Ihor, Yuriy, Andriy, Bohdan, Bohdan, Ihor, Serhiy, Viktor, Denys, Mary, Elena)