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Magento 2 SEO Service

Magento 2 SEO Service is the all-in-one solution for Magento 2 businesses that strive to improve organic traffic,  drive more qualified leads and increase conversions. All of that without paid ads. We provide a custom performance-driven SEO plan, specifically created for your business to cover your needs and preferences.

Our Magento 2 SEO service is your ticket for better search results and organic leads. Start improving your website visibility with the best SEO team and the results will follow.

Magento SEO is better with Magefan!

Magento 2 SEO Service

Why Do you Need SEO management services for Magento?

To improve online presence, boost traffic, revenue and drive qualified leads, one must resort to the best SEO strategies. However, SEO is a long-term game, not everyone is willing to play alone. It requires man-hours to learn and practice the constantly changing SEO principles to get a better ranking. In fact, Magento SEO doesn’t comprise one holistic SEO strategy. It is the combination of multiple small strategies.

So, in a long run, it is more convenient and affordable to hire a Magento SEO Optimization company to do all the work for you.

Grow Traffic and Increase Revenue with Magento SEO

SEO is a vital online marketing strategy you should use to make your business grow and flourish. And Magefan, with the best SEO service for Magento, is going to help you.

We incorporate a data-driven approach, to develop a unique high-end SEO strategy that covers our clients' needs. Our search engine optimization services are revenue-boosting and analysis-based.

We won’t just stuff your website with keywords to drive traffic. We will tailor the SEO strategy to your ideal customer to boost your bottom line with the growing traffic metrics.

Magento 2 SEO Services

Improve Online Visibility and Brand Awareness

The multitude of the robust SEO techniques for Magento we use allows us to make your website rank higher and be discovered more often than your competitors. Magefan takes pride in helping our clients earn a higher return on investment and driving more organic traffic to their websites.

But we don’t stop there.

We constantly analyze and test the SEO metrics to improve the strategies accordingly. With our Magento SEO management services, you won’t have to worry about how your website is being discovered. We will provide detailed reports and performance tracking metrics.

Boost Customer Experience and Overal Website Ranking

Traffic and revenue are the key goals of any SEO strategy. You can tell your SEO strategy is working as long as people keep coming and converting on your store.

Our advanced SEO strategy uses keyword research, technical SEO, competitor analysis, speed optimization, and many other SEO techniques not to only improve your website's overall ranking but boost customer experience.

The faster your website loads, the more organic and easy-to-navigate your website is 一 the more likely customers are going to stay.

We tailor every stage of the SEO optimization pipeline to customers’ experience as a core element of any Magento store.


Our SEO Services


Complete Magento SEO Audit

Our Magento SEO experts will carry out a holistic analysis of every SEO-critical factor to identify issues and errors that hold you back from a better ranking. Identifying all the missing requirements allows us to create a custom SEO strategy to improve your online visibility, boost traffic and optimize conversion rates.

Technical Website Analysis

Since SEO is not always about what you see on the surface, our dedicated SEO experts will go about and beyond to discover all critical technical issues. We won’t let anything like unindexed sitemaps or missing halflings stop you from getting to the top of SERP.

Keyword Research and Selection

Keywords in the basis of any tailored SEO strategy. We will find and select keywords the most relevant to your business. It will help you can drive qualified traffic to your Magento store through optimized content and metadata.

On-page SEO Strategy

Discovering the right keywords to target is just half of the process. Let our SEO team take care of the rest. We will develop and implement the advanced strategy to improve your On-page SEO, including title tags, metadata, internal linking, and headings.

Competitive Analysis

To determine your company requirements we also carry out an in-depth competitors analysis to check how they are doing and what you should do better. We analyze competitors' search ranking, traffic, top-ranking keywords, website speed to define the things you should improve.

Speed Optimization

Google and other search engines love when your website loads fast. That’s why it is not only critical to SEO, but also for your customer's experience that your website is fast. We will provide a holistic plan on all the major and tiniest speed issues to improve.


How Our Magento SEO Optimization Strategy Works?


An in-depth Magento SEO audit holds a special place in the whole process. It is an imperative step in any search engine optimization strategy. We consult a comprehensive SEO analysis of the market, keywords, competitors, and website speed to understand your SEO needs better.
At this stage, we also discuss your goals and objectives to work on a plan that covers them.


Once the objective is clearly defined, we come to the next step 一 Magento SEO metrics analysis that helps up to understand where your website stands organically. We analyze your traffic flows, content pages, and previously gathered SEO metrics to identify the gap with competitors we’ll work on filling out.
We also define the pitfalls or perils that hold you from getting more traffic and conversions.


Now it’s time to create an advanced custom SEO strategy to improve your Magento 2 website for the best. We come up with a detailed roadmap of improvement for technical, content, speed, and other SEO-related factors. You can approve or reprioritize the tasks according to your needs and preferences and give us a green light to work on that SEO strategy.


After the SEO strategy has been developed, our highly-experienced team of SEO experts jumps on to optimizations. We work on improving every point of on-page SEO, speed optimization, technical metrics step-by-step. In the meantime, we monitor how each of the changes influences the target goals to adjust the strategy accordingly.


Since SEO is not a one-time thing, our SEO team tracks changes after all points of the strategy have been fulfilled. We track how much your speed improved, what keywords your Magento website is showing for, how many users come from targeted keywords, how many of them converted, and whether all SEO goals have been fulfilled.


To give you peace of mind, we provide transparent and clear reporting after each stage of the Magento SEO strategy. It gives you a walkthrough of the whole SEO process and optimization we worked on. We want you to be aware of how your investment pays off.


Why Magefan SEO Service?


Client-oriented Approach

Each and every website is unique. So is the custom-tailored SEO strategy we develop for each of our clients. We don’t provide a one-size-fits-all plan to cover the most basic SEO needs. We want you to improve your rankings and revenue. And for that, we cover your unique needs with a unique Magento 2 SEO strategy.

White-hat SEO Strategies

Your customers and leads are the core elements of your business efforts. We focus only on the white-hat SEO to provide a long-term SEO strategy and target a live audience. Though it takes longer, it provides better ROI than just hacking search engine algorithms.


You’re never let alone with the complex and uncomprehensive SEO metrics report. We provide transparent and understandable deliverables and reports on each stage of the search engine optimization pipeline. We want you to have a clear view and track of what is being optimized and how it influences your website.


We don’t believe there is an ultimate way to improve SEO once and for all. We constantly practice and implement the newest robust solutions along with the traditional approaches to provide relevant results.


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