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Magento IT Outstaffing Service

Magefan IT Outstaffing Service helps you to hire Magento 2 developer or a team to improve the technical capacity of your project without taking on long-term in-house employees. Stay focused on the efficiency and requirements of your store while we handle the heavy lifting of management.

 - Dedicated IT talents with relevant experience

 - Full control and access at top speed

 - Reduced development costs

 - Best project support with direct interaction

Our Magefan IT Outstaffing service is provided exceptionally to Magento store owners or store managers who need IT professionals for their technology projects.

Magento IT Outstaffing Service

Dedicated IT talents. Full control and access. Direct interaction

Magefan IT outstaffing service allows you to benefit from top-notch web development, website audit and analytics.
Receive professional IT services from remote team members that can be easily accessed and managed.
Expand your in-house team with new professional members and profit from a cost-effective IT outstaffing model.

Outstaffing vs Outsourcing

Both IT outsourcing and IT outstaffing are usually associated with expanding the capabilities of your IT staff with experienced remote web developers and software engineers. The key difference is in the way these services are being provided and managed. An outsourcing agency gives a client no control over the development team and it usually works on a variety of projects at the same time.

The outstaffing model, on the other hand, allows the client to access and control the outsaff development team directly and fully. The client expands the in-house team with new employees but is spared of any employment contracts, benefits or other recruitment obligations.

The Magefan team is ready to take over your project and provide professional software development and hassle-free management.

Key Benefits of IT Outstaffing Service

Dedicated IT talents
Our IT professionals will work on your project consistently to maintain high productivity and deliver high-quality results.
Full control and access
You have full control and access to project development. All communication, including discussions and interactions, is direct. You can rely on the outsaff team completely as if they are your in-house team.
Reduced development costs
The development costs are much reduced with our outstaff team since you pay no recruitment charges. Once you sign a contract, there are no hidden fees incurred.

Magefan IT Outstaffing Process


We discuss project requirements and details and provide you with the best pricing model. It helps to fulfil your expectations and get a complete understanding of the project objectives

Assigning an IT Professional

Analyzing your requirements helps us to find a professional ideally suited to fill your demand. We ensure that the developer we assign is fully dedicated to the success of your project.

Signing an Agreement

To ensure the best implementation of the development solutions and to safeguard all parties we sign an agreement with the client, once all the project details are discussed.

Project Interaction and Support

We nurture clear communication since it is a key to success. All communication is led via video/phone calls, chat and emails and the project is tracked in any convenient project management system our clients prefer. The developer’s performance is managed from our side to ensure high-quality development and achieve the project KPIs.


Why Magefan IT Outstaffing Company?


Relevant Experience

Our team of professionals has experience in working on multiple projects of different scopes, developing, growing and broadening our area of expertise to deliver the best results.

Top Speed

By submitting your request you receive top-notch and time-efficient service. We ensure to provide the best and fastest possible replies to your requests and deliver the highest quality service.

Best Quality

Choosing us you opt for a team of experts with detail-oriented thinking that deliver projects without the slightest drawback. Years of working with Magento helped us gain expertise in the platform's features and peculiarities.

Excellent Project Support

We offer multi-channel communication via phone, live chat, email, text and video resources. The project progress is tracked in any convenient management system to create the best experience for you.


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