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Reviews about Installation Service

  1. Professional and attentive service experience
    A very professional team installed technology and services, quickly installed and debugged the extensions we purchased, and also optimized our site configuration services, very good user experience, thank you again.

    Review by Stephen Roach

    Posted on

  2. Magento 2 Installation Service
    Hi Magefan,
    Your Magento 2 Installation Service provided is simply spectacular, the module works perfectly, no google flashing translation on your screen, no bugs on issues is found. I strongly recommend this services, you can choose the language pack and add translations wherever you need too.
    Thank you Magefan...

    Review by Mauro Matias

    Posted on

  3. Ihor's Magento Installation Service is Fantastic!
    I have ordered M2.4.0 DHL Express Rates AT Checkout Extension Installation+ Video + Payment Methods Testing, Ihor takes time fix the original M2 Extension core error patient, and final supply one more fixer to install My M2.4.0 DHL Extension successfully, I appreciate and recommend it.

    Review by Joe W

    Posted on

  4. Honest and fast service
    We have had the installed modules upgraded by the service. This went well as agreed and on time. No problem that they have not immediately solved. Super service.

    Review by rob van Westrop

    Posted on

  5. Perfect support
    Dear MAGEFAN: Before the installation we had problems regarding the SSH access (we were to blame) .-) magefan was very patient. and then did the installation properly. great job. Thank you for your support. gladly once again. Anfangs hatten wir unsererseits Probleme vor der Installation bezüglich des SSH Zugangs (unsere Schuld :-) ) magefan zeigte sich sehr geduldig. und hat danach die installation einwandfrei durchgeführt. besten dank für die unterstützung. gerne wieder einmal.

    Review by Freddy Klein

    Posted on

  6. m2e installation
    Absolutely wonderful. They accept PayPal, quick response and thorough communication. For lack of better words: the quality of this service absolutely floored my expectations and I can guarantee I will be using Magefan's services frequently in the very near future!

    Review by Christopher OvrClocked

    Posted on

  7. Very impressed!
    After having trouble getting our Magento 2 store to connect the Magefan blog, and spending several hours trying to resolve the issue with our host... we contacted Magefan directly who replied promptly and professionally and worked quickly to resolve the problem we had.

    They managed to connect the blog and test it rapidly all in the same day. We're also extremely impressed with the blog and all the features, it's effortless to use and looks fantastic.

    Thank you for your patience with us having the wrong SSH key too! :)

    Highly recommended

    Review by Dan Beech

    Posted on

  8. Really good
    That's really good service, I'm impressed and thanks!

    Review by Diesel Generator Direct

    Posted on

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