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Magento 2 Google Indexing API

Magento 2 Google Indexing Extension is an SEO optimization tool that allows you to notify Google when your pages are added, removed and updated. This helps you gain better rankings, outrun your competition and get your new content in front of new eyes faster.


Have you ever wished to see your new pages in search instantly? Wish no more since the Magento 2 Google Indexing API tool will make that happen.

Compatibility:Magento 2.3.0 - 2.4.6 (CE, EE, ECE, B2B)
Version: 2.0.0
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Rank Faster and Drive More Traffic

SEO logic is quite simple: if Google doesn't index your pages, you get no impression or clicks from organic searches. That’s why getting indexed fast is a vital component of any SEO strategy.

Magento 2 Google Indexing Extension notifies Google whenever you create or edit a page. This prompts Google to schedule a fresh crawl so new information is updated in Google instantly.

Be ahead of your competition and rank higher with Google Indexing API.

Index Multiple Pages in One Click

You can spend hours submitting pages for indexing in Google Search Console and still wait for months to see changes reflected in the search. But not if you have the Magento 2 Google Indexing Extension.

Prioritise other important store tasks. We’ll take care of your store indexing for you.

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Turn On Auto Google Indexing

While you can still use Magento sitemap to submit your pages for Google indexing, note that it is a very slow process. Google might lose some links from the sitemap or simply don’t get to them fast enough.

Fresh content gets more impressions and clicks. So you have to be fast. Google Indexing Extension for Magento will push the updates to Google automatically without you having to do anything.


One-Time Setup

Since the Magento 2 Google Indexing extension is a set-and-forget tool. You tweak a few settings and the module does the rest.

Put fresh content in front of more eyes without effort. Get better quality traffic and rankings in your sleep!

What benefits do you get?
  • Faster indexing and ranking
  • Up-to-date information in search results
  • Higher chances of outrunning the competition
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