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Reviews about Magento 2 Google Indexing API Extension

  1. Faster Google product Indexing
    Really nice to see a direct integration to Google when you want to get you product indexed faster by Google and also when you make product updates. Hopefully it will mean that we can be the first to be ranked when new products are introduced to the market. It took me some hours to get the Google Cloud project set up correctly. But if you just the Magefan Google project integration guide, then it should be a problem at all.

    Review by Jens Mikkelsen

    Posted on

  2. Great
    I think it is a great module, if I would know how to check if it works :-)

    Review by Michael Bjerregaard

    Posted on

  3. Great extension!
    Most helpful extension! It’s easy to install and adjust without any problems!
    Good job =)

    Review by Pavlo Mykush

    Posted on

  4. Really good work
    We've been struggling to implement the indexing API ourselves since it's just too much coding. My respects to the devs here

    Review by Kristy Hills

    Posted on

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