Set up Magento 2 Shop by Brand: Quick Guide

Nowadays, people become so attached to brands, they tend to buy only certain labels. Thus, it makes sense for you to gather the branded products you sell under neatly organized dynamic categories. This helps customers navigate through their favourite brands more easily and find them faster. 

So, today, you'll learn how to set up the Magento 2 Shop by Brand page using the Magento 2 Dynamic Categories

Should we start?

1. Create Brand Categories

The first step before you create any dynamic category rule is to create a category where you'd like to add products. You can do that the default Magento way — manually. However, there is a faster way. You can create categories by pattern. This allows you to create and put products into brand categories based on attributes automatically.


So, first, navigate to Catalog > Dynamic Category > Rules and press the Add New Rule button to start.

Fill out the rule information and choose Pattern as the Category Type. Then, choose the Default Category as a Parent Category and specify the pattern you want to create brand categories by.

Now be attentive. Specify Brands/❴❴brand❵❵ as a pattern. This will create a Brand category and subcategories for each brand attribute you have.

create categories by pattern magento 2

You can also preview categories that will be created before saving the rule:

magento category preview

Then, move to the conditions section to set some conditions. It could be anything from Enable is Yes to Attribute set is Default, etc. 

dynamic category conditions magento

Note: is it important to set some conditions since the dynamic category rule won't be applied otherwise. 

Don't forget to Save the rule before checking different brand categories in the admin. This should be the result:

magento brands category

2. Create the Magento 2 Shop by Brand Block

Navigate to Content > Blocks and start creating a new CMS block. Then move to Content and insert a Brand List by Magefan widget there. You can choose what to Sort brands By and specify the Image Height and Width for the brand logo. 

brand list by magefan

Don't forget to Enable the CMS block and Save it.

brand list by magefan

3. Configure Brands Category

Choose whether you want to display only brands on the Magento 2 Shop by Brand page or products as well. For that define the Display mode for the main Brands category.

magento category display mode

After that choose the CMS block to display on the brands category.

magefan brand list block

Additionally, you need to go to each brand subcategory, upload the Brand Logo as a Category Image and add a description.

magento brand category

Note: the size of the logo you specify in the Brand List widget and the size of the images you upload as a brand category image should be the same for the ultimate image quality.

4. Enable Shop by Brand in Magento

The last step in this guide on how to set up Shop by Brand in Magento 2 is to enable it. For that go to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extension > Dynamic Category > Shop by Brand and define the main Brand Category

magento 2 shop by brand

Save the settings after you choose the category and go to the storefront to check your Shop by Brand Page. 

shop by brand in magento 2

The Magento brands page allows customers to see all brands, use filters to narrow down the results or find relevant brands using the brand search bar. But that's not it.

You can go even further and display a brand logo on product pages and lists along with the brand description. It raises brand awareness and allows customers to quickly find the labels you sell.