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Reviews about Magento 2 Dynamic Categories Extension

  1. Must have extension to all Magento 2 stores!
    A very useful extension if you're tired of updating new, on-sale, or other frequently changing categories on your site. With this tool, everything will happen automatically without major efforts. We initially encountered a technical issue after the installation, but the Magefan team solved it within 24 hours. Great support, quality work as always. This is why we're also using many other extensions from them.

    Review by Viktor Lantos

    Posted on

  2. A Must Have Extension for a Large Store
    I used to spend endless amount of time organizing my large catalog into the right categories (which sometimes change).

    With "Dynamic Category" extension I can do it very quickly + I'm able to set special categories such as sale, new arrivals etc. that auto populate based on rules.

    Great job!

    Review by Isaac S.

    Posted on

  3. Does What I Need It For
    We use the module to create categories based on certain criteria (for example a combination of multiple categories/attributes). And the dynamic category can then be used for our seasonal sales, or they can be used to create landing pages for customers to land on when they click one of our ads.

    Review by Jesper Meijering

    Posted on

  4. I am not happy for the service and support
    I got the extension and now they are telling me I can not add more domain to it. at the time of the purchase, they said to contact us if you want to add more domains.


    Magefan's reply:

    According to our License Agreement (https://magefan.com/end-user-license-agreement ) which is based on the same terms as other Magento 2 extensions vendors' licenses, one License gives you the right to use only one copy of the Software on one LIVE Magento installation. A separate License should be purchased for each LIVE Magento installation. You can use the software on an unlimited number of developments, staging, and test Magento Installations.

    Matt bought two of our modules in summer 2021. After the purchase, he installed them on a test domain to test before pushing to live. Our system recognized this domain as a live installation. So, when Matt tried to install and enable them on the live domain, he received an error about an invalid license key. He contacted us about this problem, and we asked for the name of the live domain. Matt told us about 3 domains, specifying that he wanted to conduct A&B testing. We kindly added them to the license key. Matt was completely satisfied and even left good reviews about the extension on our website.

    Unfortunately, there apparently was a terrible misunderstanding. Matt probably thought that he could add any domain at any time, and use 1 license to operate the extensions on an unlimited number of live installations.

    A few days ago he asked us to add 3 more domains to the license key. After checking them, we discovered that they were live domains, three different stores completely unrelated to the previous project. According to our License Agreement, we asked Matt to purchase 3 additional licenses so that he could use the modules on these new websites. This answer apparently didn't satisfy Matt, and, unfortunately, we received threats in return. We also offered a good discount, as we always do when a customer buys a lot of modules, but it didn't satisfy Matt either.

    We are really sorry about this situation, and we will put more effort into informing our customers about the terms of use of our extensions.

    Review by Matt R

    Posted on

  5. The best extension
    We've solved a lot of business needs with that extension, it was our best investment!

    Review by Paulo Lima

    Posted on

  6. I love the extension
    It works perfect with my current version. I love the service and product. The support team responded me right away. The extension works with all the current Magento versions and I am highly recommend this extension. A+

    Review by Matt Rafiee

    Posted on

  7. I wish it was mine :)
    I reviewed the features and demo. it really has tremendous benefits for store owners.
    as always these guys know the business ..

    Review by K Erc

    Posted on

  8. Good support
    We had some minor feedback for this extension, but within a short time Magefan had an update ready for us! Now it works just like expected!

    Review by J Balk

    Posted on

  9. Very Useful
    This extensions saves so much time when handling large catalog. The fact it's bug free makes it much more valuable.

    Review by Isaac S.

    Posted on

  10. Awesome Extension and Awesome Support
    We had some problems with the Configuration but the Support helped aus to fix that and gave us a awesome fast support. Very friendly and profesional!

    Extension is amazing and works perfect.

    Review by Leonardo Formaro

    Posted on

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