How to Add Brand Logo and Description to Products in Magento?

When selling brands it's important to let your customers know you sell them, so it's easy for them to navigate your catalogue. One way to do it is through attributes. You create a brand attribute and display it on the product page. The other is to create brand categories. 

However, today we'll talk about the most straightforward way — adding brand logo and description to product pages and lists. All you need is the Magento 2 Dynamic Category Extension

To add brand logo and description to product pages in Magento 2: 

1. Navigate to Catalog > Categories and create categories for your brand if you don't already have them. To speed up the process you can use patterns to create categories.

Note: it's important to organize brand categories under one main Brands category since we'll need it later.

magento brands category

2. Upload the brand logo as a Category Image and add a Description for each brand category you have. 

magento brand category

3. Go to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Dynamic Category > Shop by Brand and define the main Brands category.

magento 2 shop by brand

4. Enable the Brand Logo On the Product Page and fill out the settings.

  • Select the Position where to display the brand logo: After Product Name, After Product Review, Before Short Description, After Short Description.
  • Specify the Logo Width and Height.
  • Choose whether to Show Description.

magento 2 add brand logo to product page

5. Enable the Brand Logo On Item Listing to display brands on categories and other product lists.

  • Specify the Logo Width and Height.
  • Choose whether to Show the brand's Description.

magneto 2 brand logo on item listing

Don't forget to Save the settings once you finish and check how the brand logo and description are displayed on the product pages. 

brand logo on product pages magento

If you have also added brand logo and description to the lists, view them on the catalogue pages. 

magento brand pages

While the brand logo seems like a little detail, it significantly improves brand awareness. Besides, it tells people what brands you sell, which improves their shopping experience. 

Furthermore, to take this to an entirely new level, you can also set up the Magento 2 Shop by Brand page to gather all brands in one place. Would you give it a try?