Creating dynamic category rules in Magento 2 you make the process of product management easier. According to dynamic category rules your Magento 2 products will be added to the dynamic categories automatically according to certain conditions.

That will allow you to create automatic categories like Brands, Sale, Newly Added, Most Rated, etc. based on different product attributes.

In order to add new dynamic category rule in Magento 2 Dynamic Categories Extension take the following steps:

1. Navigate to Catalog > Dynamic Category > Rules.

Magento 2 Dynamic Category

2. Press the Add New Rule button to create a new dynamic category rule.

Magento 2 add new dynamic category rule

3. Enable Rule.

4. Set the Rule Name and add a Description if you want to, though this field is optional.

5. Indicate the Priority which defines the dynamic category rule positions in the list of rules.

6. Set the Category, you want the rule to be applied to.

7. Assign the rule to the Web Sites.

Magento 2  dynamic category rule

8. Enable the Remove Products from Other Categories in case you want products generated by the rule to be only in the dynamic category and removed from their original categories.

9. Enable Remove Other Products from Category if you want all previously added products to be removed and all new ones to be generated by the created rule.

10. Choose to Use Products from Catalog Price Rules.

Note: when you choose to use them, make sure catalog price rules are active and assigned to the guest customer group.

Magento 2 dynamic category products

11. Set the Product Conditions under which products will be automatically added to the chosen categories.

Note: if you don't see the attribute you want to use for dynamic category rule you need to add product attribute to the sales rules conditions.

Magento 2 Dynamic Category Rules Conditions.

Once you have finished you will be notified about the successful rule creation and see it in the category rules grid. However, you also need to press the Apply Rules button in order for the rule to be applied immediately, otherwise you'll need to wait some time for cron script to apply rules and update categories products.

Magento 2 apply dynamic category rules