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Magento 2 Blog Extension

Magento 2 Blog is a robust marketing tool that helps you boost your store SEO, attract new customers and maintain a professional blog. It allows you to create blog posts, categories, tags, comments, and authors, and manage them from one admin panel.

Best SEO practices, an extensive set of features, 22+ templates and plenty of other options will make your blog stand out.

You don’t need to rely on WordPress or any other third-party platform when you have a Magefan Blog that attracts, engages and converts!
  • Choose from 22+ blog templates for post lists and homepage
  • Create an unlimited number of blog posts, categories, tags and authors
  • Schedule and preview posts before publication
  • Improve blog navigation with 8 different sidebar widgets
  • Optimize your blog for better position in search with multiple SEO features
  • Cross-promote your products in the blog and posts in the catalogue
  • Insert featured and recent posts anywhere in your store using widgets
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Compatibility:Magento 2.3.0 - 2.4.7-p1 (CE, EE, ECE, B2B)

Create an Engaging Blog for Your Store

Blog is a place where you share insight about your industry, teach customers how to use your products or just notify subscribers about major news. Opportunities are limitless same as ways in which having a blog benefits your eCommerce business.

But you need the right tools to achieve the best results.

Magefan Blog is a solution with over 1 300 000 installs on different Magento 2 instances. All because it allows you to create multiple blog posts, categories, tags, and authors and configure them with an extensive set of options.

Magento 2 Blog Post and Categories
magento 2 best seo practices

Make the Most of the Blog SEO

WA blog that drives results should be more than attractive. Our Magento 2 Blog Extension is the best free marketing tool that helps you to drive free organic traffic.

For that it follows the best SEO practices and offers you:

  • - Blog XML sitemap
  • - Metadata settings 
  • - SEO-Friendly URLs
  • - Canonical URLs
  • - Breadcrumb
  • - Rich Snippets (Structured Data)
  • - Robots Meta Tags
  • - Open Graph Tags for Post

Take Full Control of the Blog Design

Your Magento 2 Blog should catch users' attention from the first second if you want them to keep reading. There 3 things that contribute to that: templates, layouts and colours.

Our Blog Extension for Magento has all of these.

It comes with 22+ blog templates for blog lists and post widgets. You can also change the layout for each blog page and tweak the design with custom CSS.

The responsive, fast and attractive blog is what you get with Magefan.

magento blog templates
seo friendly blog url

Create SEO-friendly Blog URLs

Since URLs are an integral part of any SEO strategy they shouldn’t be overlooked. That’s why we offer you complete control over your blog URLs.

You can customize blog, post, category, tag, author and search page paths, choose page pagination type and set whether to use the trailing slash (/) in the blog URLs.

Magento 2 Blog meets any requirements with flexible permalink settings.

Boost Sales with Your Blog

To keep your readers engaged you have to keep your blog informative instead of salesy. However, there’s still a way to promote your products and draw attention to your catalogue 一 related products.

Magento 2 Blog Extension allows you to add related products at the bottom of the blog posts or in the sidebar. Add them manually or configure related product rules to add products automatically.

Boost engagement and promote your items effortlessly with a handy tool!

magento 2 related products
magento 2 related posts

Keep People on Your Website

Average time on page influences your website score and tells Google whether your blog is interesting to readers. Thus, the longer users stay on your blog the better. You can increase that time with a few Magento Blog features.

Related posts 一 add related posts for each article or enable auto-related product rules

Related posts on product page 一 add related products to posts, so they automatically appear on product pages

Posts from the same category 一 show the most popular pieces from the same topic

Next and previous posts 一 encourage customers to navigate through your blog through next/prev links

Craft compelling content

Stay ahead of the competition and captivate your audience with our robust blog

Create and Manage Authors

Do you know what builds trust and lends credibility to your blog and brand? Blog authors. Showing an author’s bio under blog posts creates a 1:1 relationship.

Our Magento 2 blog helps with that.

You can create blog authors, manage author pages and even show the latest posts by author on blog posts.

If you have multiple authors working on posts, simply add co-authors to boost authority.

blog author magento
magento 2 blog comments

Edit, Approve, Disapprove and Reply to Comments

If you want to learn how people react to your content the first place to check is comments. Depending on your audience you can enable Facebook, Disqus or Magefan comments.

The latter gives you more control over content in comments. You can edit, approve, disapprove or reply to comments and receive email notifications about new comments (and replies to comments).

Magento 2 Blog Extension also covert the spammy comments with the ReCaptacha. Keep dialogue with your readers to gain their loyalty.

Ensure Straightforward Navigation

Enable blog sidebar widgets to optimize navigation with our Magento 2 Blog:

  • - Search 一 help users find posts they are interested in faster (blog or catalogue search)
  • - Categories tree 一 allow readers to choose some specific posts from the diversity of topics
  • - Post contents 一 enable post contents in the sidebar for each post
  • - Recent/featured and popular posts 一 highlight some interesting articles
  • - Tag cloud 一 combine similar posts with tags
  • - Related products 一 display unique related products for each post
  • - Archive 一 show the history of your blog
  • - Custom HTML blocks 一 insert custom block/images into the blog sidebar
magento blog sidebar
preview and schedule blog posts in magento

Preview, Schedule and Disable Blog Posts

Creating content takes a lot of time. But editing and publishing probably cause more fuss. Our Magento 2 Blog fixes that.

Preview draft posts on the frontend and make necessary changes before publication. Set future date and enable a blog post to schedule the publication.

Configure the end date to disable blog posts automatically.

Hassle-free blog management is what Magefan Blog stands for.

Add Featured and Recent Posts to Homepage

Your store homepage is the face of your business where most of our customers land. You add the best things about your store there 一 best sellers, testimonials, social media 一 to make an impression.

Your blog deserves to be there too.

Use handy featured and recent posts widgets to easily add posts to your homepage or any other page on your store. Magento 2 Blog Extension boosts engagement on every page of your store.

add blog posts to homepage magento
facebook open graph tags for blog

Boost Engagement on Social Media

The built-in social sharing buttons in Magento 2 Blog allow readers can share your content on social media effortlessly. But that’s not it.

The extension also helps to make your blog posts more attractive and “clickable” when shared.

You can set the Open Graph image, title and description for every post.

Get more clicks and traffic to your blog with custom social media tags.

Deliver Personalized Experience

Customer segmentation helps you determine your customer's needs and satisfy them accordingly. The same is true for your blog.

Magento 2 Blog helps you provide personalized content for each customer group and offer a unique experience for each of them.

Create different pieces of content to attract new leads, educate existing customers and share news for premium users.

display blog posts in magento by customer group

Make sure it's a good match!

Uncertain whether the Magento 2 Blog Extension has all the features you're looking for, or if it aligns with your goals?

multi language multi website support magento

Offer Seamless Experience on All Websites

Since Magento 2 Blog Extension is used across the globe, it supports a variety of languages:

English, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, Romanian, Swedish, and Simplified Chinese 一 with more to come

To translate any blog page just create a new entity and assign it to a different store view.

Drive action and create content for multiple websites within one blog dashboard.

Move to Magefan Blog Without Efforts

The variety of eCommerce platforms and solutions created for them is striking. However, some still work better than others for different vendors.

Regardless of the blog you’ve used before, we’ll help you move to Magefan Blog effortlessly. We offer multiple import wizards and guides that help you migrate to Mento 2 Blog from:

WordPress, Hubspot, Joomla, Drupal, Aheadworks, Mageplaza, Mirasvit, Amasty and any other platform via CSV/XML file import

magento 2 blog import
magento 2 blog rest api graphql

Rest API and GraphQL Endpoints

Once you create a successful store and blog, you might want to continue your brand establishment with a mobile application or Progressive Web App (PWA).

Magento 2 Blog will support that journey.

It comes with REST API and GraphQL endpoints that allow you to request from or add blog data to your external software.

We also offer POSTMAN documentation to smooth the implementation for you.


Does Magento 2 have a blog?

By default Magento 2 doesn’t provide blog functionality. You need to install Magento 2 Blog Extension to be able to manage posts, categories, tags, and authors' pages on your Magento store.


How can I create a blog in Magento 2?

Once you install Magento Blog Extension you need to enable it. The blog page will be added to your store automatically with the /blog suffix. All you need to do then is create blog categories, posts, authors and start generating more traffic with compelling content.


Can I install your Magento 2 Blog module via the composer?

Yes, you can. All our modules can be installed via the composer. Once you purchase the extension, you receive keys to the private Magefan composer repository and find the composer installation commands available in the "My Downloads" section.

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Looking through the ways to upgrade your store? Start a blog and make your website stand out. We'll help you on your journey to professional blogging in eCommerce.

View this 2-minute video to check some of Magefan's Blog features.
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