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Reviews about Magento 2 Blog Extension

  1. Perfect for Magento blog needs
    This extension is a perfect solution for any needs; free for basic users and with a very reasonable cost you'll get the professional options easily on top.
    It's very simple to use despite the rich features and the installation was a breeze, so I could highly recommend this to anyone.

    Review by Petri H

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  2. Translation method unefficient
    Good effort in general, but if you are going to write posts in a daily base in multiple languages this module is unefficient. You need to create a separate page for every language and you need to keep the same url for all of them to be intercorrelated.
    This is very unproductive, produces a mess in the post list, loses SEO because of the same url, leads to errors because you can easily forget which pages you have already translated, also you cannot easily find which pages are the translation of the original in the list. The correct and optimal way should be the way magento uses for product translation. So pages should be internally connected with a unique id and with a selector on top left (as in products) you should select which store view you want to edit.
    Is there any chance to implement it like this in the future?

    Magefan's reply:

    To implement the multi-language functionality in our blog we followed the pattern Magento uses for CMS pages. (e.g. if you want to have a blog post for 2 different languages, you have to create 2 different blog posts).

    To avoid issues with keeping the same URL across several store views, you can use the Hreflang Tags extension ( https://magefan.com/magento2-alternate-hreflang-extension). It helps to link posts, blog categories, CMS pages between multiple store views which allows you to have different URLs. Besides, it is one of the important SEO features that allows you to inform search engines about page alternatives and provide more targeted results in search.

    We use both Blog and Hreflang Tags extensions on magefan.com to deliver content in both English and Ukrainian, often using different URLs.

    Review by M B

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  3. Great job
    Magefan Support was extremely helpful and solved our issue. Thank you

    Review by Vitalii Bairak

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  4. Page Builder > HTML
    I have been using Magefan for my companies blog posts for the last seven months and have been enjoying the simple process of creating a blog. I have found the page builder easy to use and a better option then creating the blog in HTML. My one issue is that centering of images does not always work, i will select to have my images be centered and when i publish or preview the document, i will have to go in and adjust the margins to make it actually center. Besides that, i have enjoyed my experience in creating blogs with Magefan.

    Magefan's reply:

    We really appreciate your feedback Zach. However, the centering of images is related to the specifics of the default Magento page builder not the Blog extension. If you check other content areas the page builder is enabled on (CMS blocks and pages, product descriptions, etc.) you will have to go through the same steps to center images.

    Review by Zach Place

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  5. Good tool, products not clicking through
    This is a good extension, however, when we add a catalogue products list these are not "adding to cart" and are going through to a blank page. When I contacted Magefan they were not very helpful on this.

    Magefan's reply:
    Related products on blog post pages are displayed via the default related products theme template. So the issue is in a particular theme template. This custom template has issues with "adding to cart". We've asked Nick to provide access to his instance to investigate the issue and provide a fix, but haven't received a reply.

    Review by Nick Hood

    Posted on

  6. Great extension
    Great extension. We experienced some problems with the date mentioned at the blog, but thanks to the super friendly customer service the issue was solved. Can definately recommend!

    Review by Tessa Dubbeldam

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  7. Great extension
    It's really use for us to post blog about the store. Very easy to set up.Top blog extension with enough functionality

    Review by jignasha jagani

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  8. Excellent.
    Everything works as expected.

    Review by Otto Rolfes

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  9. This is an awesome place to get rid of all your problems with magento development.
    I am very very much satisfied with the support and services of this website,
    This blog is been keen on its building blocks of elements.
    THis is too much fantastic platform to build your ecommerce solution.

    Review by Manojkumar Yadav

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  10. Perfect support and perfect blog for magento!
    This is the first but not the last extension that We purchased from the Magefan team. Extension Blog Extra includes all necessary functions. We are very happy with this extension!

    During cooperation with the Magefan team, only positive emotions remained. High-quality support at all stages of work, from preparation to implementation of modules, and ending with solving problems that arose during work. A high-quality software product in tandem with an individual approach while supporting each situation. Magefan - you are very cool!
    We wish you success and prosperity ;)
    Best regards, Pavlo Mykush.

    Review by Pavlo Mykush

    Posted on

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