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Reviews about Magento 2 Blog Extension

  1. Awesome, user friendly, easy to use
    I found this module super easy to use. Code was also of very good quality. Loved the experience. Recommended!!

    Review by Ahmed Jafri

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  2. Great
    Nice shop, esay to use

    Review by JM chen

    Posted on

  3. Theres no better!
    All the features you are looking for and more are in this extension. I recommend Magento 2 for store owners.

    If you're looking for a blog extension for magento 2, look no further. Even if you go, know that you will definitely come back :)

    The extension is good but the support team is better. Thank you Magefan!

    Review by Ercan K.

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  4. Cool Blog!
    I like this module. This blog is beautiful and user-friendly. There is also a free version.

    Review by Stas Sargan

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  5. Work so well
    nice extension

    Review by Danilo De Franco

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  6. Good extension
    Magefan does a great job in keeping this extension up-to-date. Always willing to give support when needed.

    Review by David Orzechowski

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  7. Very Good Extension and the best Support !
    The extension does what it is supposed to do and does it very well.
    If a question arises, the support helps very quickly and professionally.
    So far I have received very good help with every question.

    Review by Marco Sieste

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  8. A very feature-rich extension
    This was a real surprise, a really feature-rich extension with loads of features and settings. This extension boosts your store to the maximum, that's for sure. Thank you MageFan *Слава Україні!*

    Review by Pelle Andersson

    Posted on

  9. Outstanding Blog Extension with Exceptional Customer Support
    I've been using Magefan's Blog Extension for my Magento store, and it has exceeded my expectations in many ways. It's an excellent tool for enhancing your e-commerce website with a fully functional and user-friendly blog.

    The support from Magefan's team has been nothing short of outstanding. I encountered a technical issue, and their support team responded quickly, efficiently resolving the problem. Their prompt and helpful assistance made me feel confident in their commitment to their customers.

    Review by Jihad Hajjaj

    Posted on

  10. Great extension needs 1 feature though
    if this had the ability to relate to all blog posts within a blog category that would make it about perfect

    Magefan's reply:
    Thank you for your reviews Rick. We do have such an option already - "Posts From The Same Category". You can enable it while configuring the post view page.

    Review by Rick Hmmings

    Posted on

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