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Editions and Pricing for Magento 2 Blog

Looking for an extension to manage TWO separate blogs on ONE Magento instance? Check out Magento 2 Multi Blog Extension and start to benefit from double functionality.

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Installation via composer
Multi-website and multi-language compatability
multi language and multi website support in magento blog
Compatible with third-party Magento themes
100% open code
GDPR Compliant
Responsive design
responsive magento 2 blog
Page builder and WYSIWYG support
page builder and WYSIWYG editor in magento blog
Better WYSIWYG TinyMCE 4 editor
Multi-blog categories, tags and posts
multi-category and multi-post blog
REST API and GraphQL endpoints
Meta title, meta description, meta keywords configuration
magento blog search engine optimization
SEO-friendly permalink URLs
seo-friendly permalink settings in magento blog
Blog XML sitemap
magento blog XML sitemap
Blog breadcrumbs
blog breadcrumbs in magento
Post schema rich snippets
magento blog post structured data
Post open graph tags
facebook open graph tags for magento blog
Schedule post publication (by date)
schedule blog post publication in magento
Post average reading time
average reading time in magento blog posts
Post duplication
duplicate blog posts in magento
Post preview
preview magento posts before publication
Featured image & alt tag
blog featured image in magento
Post featured image and gallery images in the XML sitemap
Post media gallery
post media gallery
Related posts
magento blog related posts
Related products
magento blog related products
Related products in the sidebar
related products in magento sidebar
Display related blog posts on product page
display related posts on product page magento
Magento admin user as blog author
blog author in magento
Previous/next post links
next and previous post links in magento
Blog post social share buttons
share magento blog posts on social media
Post design settings
blog post design settings magento
Custom blog CSS
custom blog CSS settings magento
Blog comments (Facebook, Disqus, Magefan comments)
magento blog comments
Allow guests to submit a comment
allow quest comments magento blog
Option to reply to blog comments
reply to blog comments magento
Comment form reCaptcha
Multi-level categories
multi level blog categories magento
Include blog categories in navigation menu
include blog categories in menu
Display posts in a category by publish date, position, title
display posts in category by publish date
Category display modes (posts, post links, subcategories links)
blog category display modes
Category description
magento blog category description
Category duplication
duplicate magento blog categories
Category design settings
magento blog category design
Recent posts widget (with category, tag, author, publish date filters)
recent blog post widget magento
Featured posts widget
featured blog post widget magento
Blog homepage display modes (recent posts, featured posts)
blog homepage display modes
Blog search
magento blog search
Sidebar categories tree
magento blog categories in sidebar
Sidebar recent posts widget
resent post in magento blog sidebar
Sidebar featured posts widget
featured posts in sidebar magento
Sidebar popular posts widget
popular blog posts in sidebar magento
Sidebar archive widget
blog archive magento sidebar
Sidebar related products widget
related posts in sidebar blog magento
Sidebar tags cloud + animated tags cloud
magento blog tag cloud
Sidebar RSS feed widget
magento blog RSS feed
Sidebar custom HTML (CMS) blocks
custom html blocks in magento blog
Category, author, tag, month (archive) posts list
category author tag archive post list
Post list pagination
post list pagination magento blog
Post list lazy infinite scroll/lazy load
post list pagination with lazy load magento
Import from WordPress
impost posts to magento from wordpress
Import from AheadWorks M1 Blog
impost blog from aheadworks m1 to magefan blog
Import from AheadWorks M2 Blog
import blog from ahearworks m2 to magefan blog
Import from Mageplaza Blog
import posts from mageplaza blog m1 to magefan blog
Import from Mirasvit Blog
import blog from mirasvit to magefan blog
Compatible with Alternate Hreflang extension
Compatible with Accelerated Mobile Pages
Localization for: en_US, de_DE, el_GR, es_ES, fr_FR, it_IT, nl_NL, pt_BR, pt_PT, ro_RO, uk_UA, ru_RU, sv_SE, zh_Hans_CN
Compatibility with Hyva theme
Restrictions to edit published content for admin users
restriction to edit published content
Restrict posts/categories by customer groups
restrict post categories by customer group magento
Default blog pages layout settings (1 column, 2 columns left, 2 columns right, 3 columns)
default blog pages layout magento
Advanced SEO-friendly permalink URLs
advanced permalink settings magento blog
Automatic 301 redirects
authomatic blog URL redirects
Blog XML sitemap priority & frequency
magento blog sitemap
Include blog authors and tags in the XML sitemap
include blog authors and tags to sitemap magento
Schedule post-publication (by date & time)
schedule blog post publication by time and date
Show/hide article date
show and hide articles publish date magento
Featured image & alt tag for post list
blog post features images for lists magento
Disable comments on a single post
disable comments for a single post in magento
Auto-related posts
auto related blog posts magento
Auto-related products
auto related products magento 2
Related products rules
related product rules magento blog
Define what related posts to display on product page
define what related posts to display on product page magento
Remove/assign related posts to products from the product edit page
remove assigned posts from products on product page
22+ blog templates
Blog search integration with catalog search
integrate blog search into catalog search magento
Custom blog homepage (built with widgets)
custom blog homepage magento
Auto disable post by end date
didable blog posts automatically magento
Blog post contents widget
magento blog post contents
New comment email notification for customers (for Magefan comments only
new comment email notification for customers magento
New comment admin notifications (for Magefan comments only)
new comment email notification for customers
Reading progress bar
reading progress bar magento blog
Related posts by same category
related posts from the same category magento
Related posts by same author
related posts from the same author magento
Add/remove posts from a blog category on the category edit page
add and remove posts from the blog category magento
Carousel slider template for related posts
related posts slider in magento blog
Sort posts position in category by drag&drop
Display posts in a category by end date (ascending/descending)
sort posts in category in ascending and descending order
Manage blog authors
manage authors in magento blog
Blog author photo, bio, social links, metadata
blog author settings magento
Author page design settings
author page design blog magento
Improved author Rich Snippet
Co-author feature
blog post co authors
Product Widget Advanced included
product widget in magento blog
YouTube Widget included
youtube widget in magento blog
Export blog posts
Import from CSV/XML file
import blog via csv or XML file to magento
Import from Amasty M1 Blog
import blog from amasty m1 to magefan blog
Import from Amasty M2 Blog Pro
import blog from amasty m2 to magefan blog
Import from Magento 1 Ecs Articles
Import from Magento 1 EM Blog
import blog from 1 em blog to magefan blog
Import from HubSpot
import blog from hubspot to magefan blog
Import from Joomla
import blog from joomla to magefan blog
Import from Drupal
import blog from drupal to magefan blog