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Shopify Size Chart App

Shopify Size Chart App is a solution that allows you to easily create customizable size charts for Shopify product pages. It helps you to create size charts for any type of product effortlessly, without any technical knowledge.

Reduce returns and boost sales by providing clean sizing information without error. Use the Magefan Shopiy Size Chart & Size Guide App to help customers get it right the first time!

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Reduce Returns and Increase Customer Satisfaction

When customers have to guess what size to choose before buying, two things happen 一 they either don’t buy or return a product because it doesn’t fit. The result? Both you and the customer are disappointed.

Displaying size charts in Shopify with the body measurements helps customers make the right choice and enjoy a product. Shopify Size Chart and Size Guide app help you make sure of that.

Improve not only customer satisfaction levels but also conversion rates with a few simple changes.

shopify size chart
shopify size chart templates

Create Eye-Catching Size Chart Fast

With all the sizes and body measurements out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed when creating a size chart for your store. But not with the Shopify Size Chart App by Magefan.

We offer you 4 ready-made templates for women/men's tops and bottoms and a flexible WYSIWYG editor.

Just choose a template, tweak a few numbers and colours, upload an image or create a table. The process comes down to a few clicks.

Creating size charts for Shopify stores should be easy. Magefan guarantees that!

Display Size Chart for All Shopify Products

Product types differ. So do their prices, collections, tags, variants and vendors. To make sure each customer can find a size chart that fits their needs you must create different size charts.

But there is no need to assign them manually to each product when you have the size chart rules. Set conditions and display Shopify size charts based on product:

Title | Vendor | Type | Collection | Tag | Variant title | Price | Compare at price | Inventory quantity

size chart conditions
translate size charts shopify

Translate Shopify Size Charts to Multiple Languages

Managing a multi-language store requires a lot of translating. Size charts are not an exception. You need to translate size charts for each language to ensure the best experience across all store views.

Shopify Size Chart app from Magefan allows you to localize size charts in a few clicks. Simply click the “Localize” button, choose a language and translate your size charts.

The conditions are inherited in other languages. No need to set them up from scratch again.

Customize Size Chart Display on Different Devices

The easier it is to find a size chart on product pages, the faster it is for customers to choose a size. Be sure your customers will find your size charts regardless of the device they use. The Shopify Size Chart app by Magefan ensures that.

It offers you separate size chart settings for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Enable your size charts for desktops and disable them for mobiles. Display them on the left or right, and make it fixed or popup for different devices. Explore the opportunities.

size chart on different devices

Is there a limit to the number of size charts I can create with this app?

With the free plan you can create up to two size charts. However, paid plans allow you to create an unlimited number of size charts.

Do you offer a free trial for this Shopify Size Chart app?

Yes, we offer a free trial for this app. Once you click the "Install App" button you start a 14-day trial. Once the trial expires you need to choose a plan you want to use.

Is there a free plan for this app?

Yes, this app comes with a free plan that gives you an option to create up to 2 size charts using text and images. Besides, you have the display conditions.

What’s a spending limit of $99 per month I am asked to approve? I want to use a free plan.

We do offer a free plan for this app. However, since we also have paid plans, Shopify notifies you that this app can charge $99 per/month ($99 is the maximum amount one can charge per app per month on Shopify).

Shopify does this for all apps. But you won't be charged automatically or without approval if you use a free plan. Read more about Shopify app usage limit and decrease the app usage limit.

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