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Shopify Size Chart and Size Guide

Shopify Size Chart App is a solution that allows you to easily integrate customizable size chats to Shopify product pages. It helps you to create size charts for any type of product effortlessly, without any technical knowledge.


Reduce returns and boost sales by providing clean sizing information without error. Use the Magefan Shopiy Size Chart & Size Guide App to help customers get it right the first time!


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Help Сustomers Сhoose the Right Product

When customers have to guess what size to choose before buying, two things happen 一 they either don’t buy or return a product because it doesn’t fit. The result? Both you and the customer are disappointed.

Displaying size charts in Shopify with the body measurements helps customers make the right choice and enjoy a product right away. Shopify Size Chart and Size Guide app will help you make sure of that.

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Reduce Returns

Not getting the size right the first time makes it less likely a customer will return to make a second purchase. So, it’s your job to make sure customers can buy products that fit them.

Adding a size chart to each page of your store, you don’t have to deal with multiple “wrong size ” returns or exchanges. Customers are satisfied to get the right size. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Minimize the Need for Support

If you don’t use size charts in Shopify while selling apparel be ready to provide extensive support to help your customers choose a product that fits them. Thus, it requires less human capital to make your customer convert if you use the Shopify Size Chart solution.

Your customer will be able to make a purchasing decision using the information you provide on a product page. You won’t have to guide them into making that decision.

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Increase Conversions

Buying from you should be quick and effortless. If customers need to take additional steps to find out if your product fits their size, you’re on the “losing sales” track.

Since a high return rate always loops back to the wrong size, having a size chat and guide displayed on your pages allows you to fix that. Get the Shopify Size Chart & Size Guide to boost not only customer satisfaction levels but also increase sales and overall conversion rates.

What benefits do you get?
  • Reduced returns
  • Improved sales and conversions
  • Higher customer satisfaction rates
  • Easy integration with any theme
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