How to Translate Size Charts in Shopify?

Managing a multi-language Shopify store requires a lot of translating. Size charts are not an exception, especially if you sell apparel. To provide the best experience across all languages, you need to translate size charts in Shopify too. 

The Shopify Size Chart App from Magefan offers you that opportunity. So in this guide, you'll learn how to localize size charts in your store.

To translate size charts in Shopify: 

1. Navigate to App > Magefan Size Chart > Size Charts and go to the size chart you'd like to translate.

shopify size charts

Note: if you create a new size chart, save it before doing the translation. 

2. Click the Localize button at the top right menu to start the translation. 

translate size charts in shopify

3. Choose the Language you'd like to translate the size chart to. 

shopify locale

Once you choose the language you'll land on the translation panel, with the original text on the left for reference.

4. Translate size chart Name and Content. You can change not only text but colours and any other element.

translate shopify size charts

5. Translate the size chart Label for different devices. 

shopify size chart labels

Don't forget to Save the translated size chart and go to the frontend to check your translations. 

translated shopify size chart

You can translate each size chart into as many languages as you have in your store to make it even more user-friendly. This way, wherever customers come from, they will use your measurement instructions to choose the right size.

Note: if you have product attributes, e.g collection, type, price, etc, translated in different languages, make sure to adjust the original size chart conditions to include the translated attribute. Otherwise, you need to create a separate size chart for each language.