Top 13 Best Shopify Size Chart Apps

Satisfying your customers' needs is a demanding task, especially when the items you sell on Shopify come in different sizes. It's frustrating when the long-awaited item doesn't fit, don't you agree? Thus, getting into a cycle of constant returns and unsatisfied shoppers, you lose more than you gain.

The best solution? Provide clear sizing guides for people to be confident in their choices. But here comes the next dilemma — what Shopify app to go for?

With all the available options out there, you may find it difficult to settle for one. So, we prepared a list of the best Shopify size chart apps for you to find a perfect match.

Let's see what these options offer, shall we?

Top Size Chart Apps for Shopify

Icon App name Developer Price Free plan Free trial
Size Chart - Magefan Size Chart - Magefan Magefan

Standard - $4.99/month

Pro - $9.99/month

Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender Staytuned

Premium - $6.99/month

Ultimate - $12.49/month

BF Size Charts & Size Guides BF Size Charts & Size Guides Relentless Apps

Premium - $3.99/month

POWR | Product Tabs Acordeon POWR | Product Tabs Accordeon

Starter - $5.49/month

Pro - $13.49/month

Business - $89.99/month

ESC - Size Charts & Size Guide ESC — Size Charts & Size Guide Elysium Apps Premium - $4.99/month
Clean Size Charts: Size Guide Clean Size Charts: Size Guide TaskHusky

Premium - $6.99/month

Growth - $14.99/month

Avada: Size Chart, Size Guide Avada: Size Chart, Size Guide Avada

Professional - $4.99/month

Size Chart - Clothes Fit Guide Size Chart — Clothes Fit Guide Sweet Ecom Unlimited - $7.99/month
Size Chart & Fit Recommender Size Chart & Fit Recommender VDR Sizing

Free plan

Ultimate Size Chart Ultimate Size Chart App Forge

Unlimited - $5.99/month

Snake Size Chart & Size Guide Snake Size Chart & Size Guide Snake Company

Pro - $1.99/month

Unlimited - $2.99/month

Image Size Chart Advanced Image Size Chart Advanced Kalis Media Standard - $1.99/month
Smart Size Chart & Size Guide Smart Size Chart & Size Guide SmartSize Growth - $6.99/month


1. Size Chart App — Magefan

If you don't want to get overwhelmed with all the sizes and measurements, Magefan is a great option. The Size Chart App by Magefan is packed with efficient features that make size chart management in Shopify a breeze.

For starters, you can create a size chart in any way that suits you best — upload images, add some text or create a table with an easy-to-use editor.

But, you can actually avoid all that since there are 4 pre-built templates you can just choose and edit.

Another distinctive feature of the app is a vast set of conditions to display the size charts on specific product pages. Besides, you can adjust your size chart's display mode and placement.

Size chart display conditions

(Displaying size charts by conditions — source Size Chart — Magefan)

Magefan Size Chart App has separate display settings for desktop, mobile, and tablet. So you have full control of the size chart display on different devices.

Easy to manage, intuitive and attractive, Magefan's app has all you need to improve your customer experience.

Highlight Features:

  • 4 pre-built templates 
  • Add images/text
  • Display by conditions
  • 2 display modes (popup/drawer)
  • Separate tablet, mobile, and desktop config
  • No watermark

2. Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender

The Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender app allows you to create size charts and fully customize their appearance. The unit conversion functionality ensures that customers from all countries can find their correct size. Depending on your plan, this feature can also be enhanced with auto conversion based on the customer's location.

Customizable size table

(Size chart table customization - source Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender)

Thanks to the Google Analytics integration you can track the engagement of your shoppers. This Shopify size chart app also integrates the size recommendation functionality and offers to add images and videos to the chart.

Highlight Features:

  • Unlimited size charts in Premium and Ultimate plans
  • Automatic unit conversion
  • Unlimited chart matching
  • Size recommender
  • Full style customization

3. BF Size Charts & Size Guides

Except for creating size charts, BF Size Charts & Size Guides give you a chance to upload the images with sizing guidelines if you have any. You can choose where the charts have to be displayed specifying the product, collection, or vendor.

Upload image size charts

(Upload image size charts - source BF Size Charts & Size Guides)

Besides, you're free to adjust the look of size charts to make them fit your store's style. The Premium plan enables you to create multiple size charts for one product, as well as customize the size chart icon.

Highlight Features:

  • 2 size charts in the Basic plan
  • Customizable text and icons
  • Multiple size charts per product
  • No watermarks

4. POWR | Product Tabs Accordeon

The POWR | Product Tabs Accordeon has a slightly different approach. This app's main point is to create tabs on product pages to make the related information more organized. That said, you can easily use tabs to display size charts.

Product tabs customization

(Customizable product tabs - source POWR | Product Tabs Accordeon)

Using this app you can add tabs to any page of your store and customize them as per your requirements. Yet, the functionality to manage size charts themselves may be rather limited, since the app is mostly focused on tabs.

Highlight Features:

  • Plan-based number of tabs
  • Custom HTML/CSS/JS
  • Responsive tabs
  • Hover effects on tabs

5. ESC - Size Charts & Size Guide

If you need simple but effective functionality, the ESC - Size Charts & Size Guides app may be what you're looking for. Dedicated solely to creating size charts, this app is pretty straightforward but still has the thing done.

ESC size chart

(Size chart table on the product page - source ESC — Size Charts & Size Guide)

The size charts are mobile responsive and customizable. Thus, you can either use the prepared templates or change them as much as you need. With the images and text you are to add, your size charts will be exhaustive and clear.

Highlight Features:

  • Up to 3 charts in the Basic plan
  • Add text and images to the charts
  • Import/export size charts
  • Mobile responsiveness

6. Clean Size Charts: Size Guide 

Even though Clean Sie Charts: Size Guide comes with 18 preset styles, you are still offered to adjust them or create your own. The Shopify size chart app also allows you to choose the position of the popup on the page for the best experience.

Size chart position on the page

(Position of the size chart on the product page - source Clean Size Charts: Size Guide)

Here you can assign size charts to specific collections, vendors, and products. The app offers GA integration to track how many clicks size charts get and how effective they are.

Highlight Features:

  • Up to 2 size charts in the Free plan
  • Style customization
  • Preset size chart templates
  • Show by country functionality (Premium/Growth)
  • Unit conversions (Growth)

7. Avada: Size Chart, Size Guide

Like the other best Shopify size chart apps, Avada: Size Chart, Size Guide offers 11 ready-to-use responsive templates. Yet, you have enough resources to create your own size charts to complement your design.

Avada pre-built templates

(Pre-built size chart templates - source Avada: Size Chart, Size Guide)

You can specify where to display specific size charts, using the conditions. Besides, the app allows you to preview charts, so that you can see the changes before submitting them.

Highlight Features:

  • 2 size charts in the Free plan
  • Pre-built templates
  • Display by conditions/country
  • Mobile responsiveness

8. Size Chart — Clothes Fit Guide

The Size Chart — Clothes Fit Guide app comes with intuitive interfaces to create size charts easily. Besides, you can use the pre-built templates and choose where to display the widget on the page.

Size chart settings

(Size chart settings - Size Chart — Clothes Fit Guide)

Moreover, the app is supplied with the unit converter and displays the size chart in the popup. Though simple to install and easy to implement, the free plan is available only for stores under development and staff/affiliate stores.

Highlight Features:

  • Unlimited size charts
  • Pre-built templates
  • Unlimited products for size charts
  • Customizable size guides

9. Size Chart & Fit Recommender

Size Chart & Fit Recommender comes in a single plan, so all the options are available for free. Just like all the above-mentioned size chart apps for Shopify, this one allows you to create size charts to meet your style requirements.

What's interesting, the app incorporates the size recommender, where shoppers input their measurements and get the recommended size. Together with that, there is a tool that allows customers to take their measurements virtually.

Fit and size recommender

(Size recommender - source Size Chart & Fit Recommender)

Highlight Features:

  • Customizable size charts
  • Size recommender
  • Virtual measurement tool

10. Ultimate Size Chart

The next app on our list of the best Shopify size chart apps doesn't have a free plan. However, you can request a free trial if you're not sure and want to test out the features first.

Basically, Ultimate Size Chart allows you to create highly customizable size charts. Alternatively, you can choose some of the templates this app comes with. The automatic conversion is there to help you convert centimetres to inches and vice-versa. The size chart itself opens in a popup.

Size chart table settings

(Setting up size chart table - source Ultimate Size Chart)

Highlight Features:

  • Pre-built templates
  • Fully customizable size charts
  • Automatic unit conversion

11. Snake Size Chart & Size Guide

Snake Size Chart & Size Guide is a smart solution that optimizes your efforts. It's up to you to choose the templates or create unique charts as per your store-specific requirements.

With the help of display rules, you can specify where you want to show each size chart. The handy editor allows you to copy tables from Google Sheets, Excel, etc, and paste them into the app.

Size chart display rules

(Size chart display rules - source Snake Size Chart & Size Guide)

Highlight Features:

  • Fully customizable charts
  • Display rules by product tag, collection, etc.
  • Up to 2 size charts in the Free plan
  • Pre-built templates

12. Image Size Chart Advanced

The Image Size Chart Advanced app doesn't generate size charts like the previous size chart apps for Shopify. This solution, however, allows you to upload images of your size charts.

You can upload size chart images separately for desktop and mobile and the app will apply them accordingly. Besides, you can customize the looks of the size chart link and apply custom CSS. 

Size chart icon on the product page

(Size chart icon on the product page - source Image Size Chart Advanced)

In general, this app requires a bit more manual work since each size chart has to be created and added separately. 

Highlight Features:

  • Upload an image of the size chart in a .png or .jpg format
  • Change the size chart icon, apply custom CSS
  • Add separate size chart images for mobile and desktop

13. Smart Size Chart & Size Guide

Smart Size Chart & Size Guide also offers a vast array of options. This app allows you to create size charts, customize them, and upload images to provide a better customer experience.

Smart size chart image library

(Uploading images to the app's image library - source Smart Size Chart & Size Guide)

The size charts are responsive and correspondingly, look well on different devices. The app also comes with the autoconversion feature and doesn't heavily impact the store's performance.

Highlight Features:

  • Automatic conversion cm/in
  • Adjust popup width
  • Change colours, icon, and label
  • Unlimited size charts in the Growth plan

The size chart is among many tools that clear the doubts about purchasing a product. It saves your customers a lot of time and helps you avoid unnecessary returns.

Of course, choosing the best Shopify size chart app for your store is hard. You need to analyze your needs and requirements in the first place. Then, you'll be able to sort out all the options we've provided in the list of the best size chart apps for Shopify.