Best Shopify Website Examples: Get Inspired by These Stores

In the world of eCommerce, new stores go live every day. Millions of users choose Shopify for their journey given the platform is relatively simple to use.

Yet, even with all the necessary means at your disposal, it might be difficult to make the first step. With the variety of options, you may be uncertain as to what exactly to settle for. That's a common thing if you want to make your store unique and engaging. 

But don't worry. We've prepared a list of the best Shopify website examples so you can get new ideas and ensure that creativity has no limits.

Ready to get inspired?

1. Allbirds


Combining comfort and eco-awareness, Allbirds is a great Shopify website example to start with. Though the idea of being eco-friendly is not new, the implementation is certainly fresh.

The brand uses unique wool fabric specifically for shoes making them sustainable. Customers are also attracted to the simple but appealing design and recycled packaging. With the variety of colours and sizes, you'll certainly find a perfect pair.

2. Gymshark


Gymshark is a company with a long history. Having started in a small garage and with a single sewing machine, the brand has reached a global scale and become highly recognizable in the area of sports apparel.

You'll find high-quality clothes for men and women, and a huge number of items to choose from on the Gymshark's website. The company has strong values and supports the comfort and journey of their community.

3. Jungalow


The next store on our list of Shopify website examples is Jungalow. The main goal of the brand is to bring positive vibes to your home and make it as comfy as possible. That said, here you'll find the most unique in- and outdoor home decor items.

What makes them so special is the fact that they are sketched by Justina Blakeney, the artist and founder of the brand. You create an exceptional design using Jungalow's items, no doubt.

4. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics

The Kylie Cosmetics doesn't need long introductions. Those following the makeup industry know quite well what this brand is about. What you might not know is that the Kylie Cosmetics website is built on Shopify.

Thus, the neatly categorized catalogue and appealing design make shopping smooth and engaging. Except for the products and various cosmetic sets, you'll find a gallery of makeup looks created using them.

5. Maguire Shoes

Maguire Shoes

The founders of the Maguire Shoes brand had a noble goal when starting the business — to bridge the gap between quality and affordability. That's what they managed to achieve launching an online store with women's shoes and accessories.

Maguire shoes feature unique designs and multiple lookbooks for you to find a perfect fit. Here you'll also find useful tips on shoe maintenance so the items you buy from them serve you for a long time. 

6. The Outrage

The Outrage

What happens when fashion and activism get involved? You can find that out from The Outrage firsthand. This organization has an ambitious goal — to raise awareness of the masses through the clothing they sell.

What's important here is that 100% of the money The Outrage makes is donated to social movements that need support the most. Thus, a strong social position and a desire to make the USA a better place are what make this company stand out.

7. Rothy's


Another company to get inspired by is Rothy's. Its main principle is sustainability. The company recycles hundreds of pounds of marine plastic to create shoes and accessories.

Rothy's implements the unique 3D knitting technique and advanced technology to create its products. You can find the items to match your needs and learn more insights into the production process on their engaging website.

8. Flourist


Another example of a Shopify website is Flourist. It offers grains, beans, and freshly milled flour made only from organic ingredients.

The Flourist wants their products to be traceable. Thus you'll also find details about the farmers who grew them and the places where they did it. Besides, the company also offers lots of recipes. So that you can easily refer to them when looking for new and interesting options.

9. Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet

Get ready for the cuteness overload — the Meow Meow Tweet takes the floor. Here you'll find personal care products for the body, skin, and hair with no limitations as to who can use these products. As it's mentioned on the website, they are for all bodies.

The company strives to be nature-friendly, cuts down the waste and sets up effective production. Moreover, all products are cruelty-free so be sure they are not tested on animals in any way.

10. Colourpop


If you're looking for some options to make your makeup more vibrant, check out Coloupop. The website is as colourful as their products are. What's more, the options are endless here, covering not only makeup but skincare too.

The affordable prices and cruelty-free products are the points that make makeup enthusiasts enjoy Colourpop. Besides, they display the makeup looks of their clients on the website and Instagram.

11. Anecdote Candles

Anecdote Candles

We usually have strong associations with the significant moments in our life. The Anecdote Candles suggest that we can also tell stories through the fragrance. On the website, you can find a great variety of fragrances with witty and relatable titles. It's as if a specific state or situation was rendered through the smell.

Besides, you can submit your candle name and fragrance ideas on the website. Thus, there are all the chances for your personalized candle to go live too.

12. CULTURE Hijab

Culture Hijab

The next example of Shopify websites we should consider is the CULTURE Hijab. The store showcases traditional hijabs with a stylish and modern touch. Thus, the founders want to show that modesty is equally attractive.

Here, you can choose from a great variety of materials and colors to find the piece that matches your needs and fits your style. 

13. Simply Noted

Simply Noted

Simply Noted is definitely one of the most unique examples of Shopify websites. You get fascinated by all the animations as soon you visit their page. The Simply Noted doesn't sell products but rather a service.

You can order a card that will be handwritten in real ink here. You specify the message, as well as the recipient of the note, add a gift card, and upload your custom design. This a perfect option if you need a whole batch of personalized cards.

14. Doughy


Looking for meal options that won't require too much effort? Here is a real time-saver, namely Doughy. This company sells cookie dough that can be eaten baked or raw. The dough is 100% vegan and consists of no more than 7 ingredients.

You'll find many delicious dough flavors along with the nutrition info for each of them. Besides, the packaging is recyclable, and Doughy regularly donates to organizations supporting families in need.

15. Wildsmith Skin

Wildsmith Skin

Skincare is crucial and shouldn't be neglected. Thus, Wildsmith Skin is here to share its innovative ideas with the world. The brand uses a targeted approach to deliver to your skin needs and provide an efficient solution.

Each product is completed with a comprehensive technology description, specifics of use, the expected results, and a full list of ingredients. In the journal section, you'll find useful tips and insights into the specific products.

16. Press London

Press London

Many people are trying their best to lead a healthy lifestyle. The Press London makes their efforts more efficient. The company provides 100% plant-based cleanses, juices, and meals.

On the website, you can find individual portions, detox sets, as well as balanced meals. Moreover, you can create your own meal plan and they'll calculate the nutritional value specifically for you.

17. Pop Chart

Pop Chart

We can't but distinguish the Pop Chart among all Shopify website examples. Here you'll find infographic posters covering a huge variety of area from literature and movies to drinks and foods, and more.

Together with that, the Pop Chart offers bucket list-like scratch-offs of things to read, try, do, or experience. With such a great selection of prints and covered areas, you'll surely find the perfect option for pastime.

18. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee

How do you feel about a cup of strong, flavorous coffee? That's exactly what Death Wish Coffee can provide. High-quality premium coffee is what they sell, adhering to all the manufacturing and quality standards at the same time.

On the website, you can find the coffee to your liking, merch items, and gift bundles. To learn more about coffee-making and the company's life, you need to look into The Void and check out the blogs and recipes.

19. Hauser


Founded in 1949 in Canada, Hauser has brought the original quality and values through decades. The catalogue is indeed impressive, with a multitude of indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as lighting and decor items.

Moreover, you can request a design consultation and create your custom piece of furniture. With the fabrics and finishes available you can see all options before settling for one.

20. Studio Neat

Studio Neat

The main goal of Studio Neat is to make your life easier. They offer items that solve small challenges you might be facing. From better stationery to tech advancements, such as tripods, iPad stands, and styluses — there are a lot of options for you to consider.

Besides, Studio Neat offers a custom program for large pen orders. So, if you need a pen with your company's logo, you already know the place.

21. Lunchskins


Another Shopify website example, and another environmental mission. With the desire to protect our planet and make it a better place, the Lunckskins initiative is truly inspiring.

Manufactured using next-generation technologies, reusable fabric bags, disposable paper bags, and ziptop bags for freezer storage create a sustainable alternative to plastic. Affordable prices and an interactive website make the shopping experience even more engaging. 

22. Tentree


Tentree is one of the excellent examples of the nature-aware brand. The company uses only recycled or organic materials and manufacturing technologies that are approved by the eco-community.

For every sold item, they plant trees and make an effort to restore the forests. The planting jobs Tentree provides are a true saver for the communities in need. Thus, when buying clothes here you also contribute to the nature protection.

23. Bundlee


The idea behind our next example of Shopify websites is just genius. Have you noticed how quickly babies outgrow their clothes? Bundlee has a practical solution.

On the website, you can choose a subscription plan to rent baby clothes instead of buying them. Once the specified time passes, you return the items you used and rent more. This is the first initiative of the kind in the UK that helps to reduce waste and break the cycle of fast fashion.

24. Rêver


Rêver jewellery is what you need to add more shine to your life. This brand offers it all — from minimalistic designs for everyday wear to more sophisticated pieces. The clean website structure and neat categories guide you through the website and help to find the right piece.

What's even more important, the brand supports the environment by growing diamonds in the lab, using recycled metals, and applying other sustainable solutions.  

25. Kalifano


Another Shopify website example is Kaifano. Having gained its popularity primarily through metal art, this brand also offers crystals, meteorites, and fossils. Kaifano skillfully curates the gifts of nature, offering also jewellery and unique gift sets.

The entire website is divided into two parts with the help of tabs. That is you can easily navigate from metal objects to crystals section and discover everything in closer detail.

We've gradually reached the end of our list of the best Shopify website examples. That's quite a lot of to process and, of course, to get inspired by.

As you can see, you can sell literally anything on Shopify. From cosmetics and tech accessories to food and renting services. Your options are endless. What you need to do is to finally give it a shot and let your ideas see the world. If you love what you do and do it with passion you will most certainly find your audience.