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Shopify Product Feed App

Shopify Product Feed App is an intuitive and fully automated solution that helps you to create error-free product feeds in CSV, XML and TXT formats. Create product feeds for Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other 100+ channels automatically with auto-loaded templates. Auto-sync product data with various channels or marketplaces upon any store changes.

Create, manage and update your product feeds on autopilot with a powerful Shopify Product Feed App!

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Use Shopify product feed templates or create feeds from scratch
Create multi-language and multi-currency product feeds in Shopify
Check auto-mapped fields in Shopify product feeds
Shopify Product Feed App
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Generate Product Feeds in a Few Clicks

The biggest obstacle to selling on different marketplaces is creating product feeds. It always gets confusing with the attribute mapping, feed format and other requirements.

But the Shopify Product Feed Generator has you covered.

Just choose a template and enable the feed. All the required fields are auto-mapped to ensure error-free feed generation

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Create CSV, TXT and XML product feeds from scratch to fit certain channels’ requirements.

shopify product feed
full product variant product feed shopify

Publish the Full Product Variant

The more details you provide about a product the better. It makes it easier for customers to filter through the items and find the best option.

Our Shopify Product Feeds include all mapped product attributes. So you’ll never miss any important details.

Greate targeted, detailed and customer-oriented product feeds in Shopify with zero hassle.

Include Only Relevant Products

Although the Shopify Product Feed app includes all product variants in the feed by default, that’s not it. It also gives you full control over every item included.

Use extensive filters to make sure you promote and sell only relevant items.

Specify product title, price, tag, collection, type, inventory quantity and other conditions to add products to the feed.

shopify product feed conditions
create multi language and multi currency product feeds

Sell in Different Languages and Currencies

The more targeted your offer is the more likely you are to get attention. If you sell globally or want to reach new markets localise your feeds.

Use the Shopify Product Feed Generator to create feeds in multiple currencies and languages.

Sell in customers' language and currency. Increase the likelihood of a purchase and deliver exceptional experiences.

Auto-sync Product Data with Multiple Marketplaces

Even the slightest inconsistency in the product data can trigger customers to return a product and prevent them from buying again.

That’s what never happens if you use our Shopify Product Feeds App.

It synchronises product data across all the channels automatically.

Stay assured of the highest data accuracy. We update your product feed every hour not to miss any changes.

shopify product feeds
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