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Shopify Product Feed

Shopify Product Feed is an intuitive and fully automated solution for creating shopping feeds in CSV and XML formats. It allows you to open new heights for your store and boost sales by selling across various channels and marketplaces. Create shopping feed for Google, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok and other channels.


Optimise your product feeds for better results with a powerful Shopify Product Feed App!


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Increase Visibility and Boost Sales

Selling on different marketplaces and marketing channels not only increases the visibility of yoru products. It helps you to boost sales. However, to start selling there you need to have an accurate list of products to submit to these places.

That’s exactly what you need the Shopify Product feed app for. It helps you to avoid the tedious manual work of creating a feed with thousands of products and automates the process. Optimized, error-free product feeds are just a few clicks away.

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Update Product Data Automatically

To generate a positive online sales experience you have to ensure product data is always accurate. Even the slightest inconsistency in the product data, such as pricing, availability or custom option can lead to a high returns rate and customer dissatisfaction.

Magefan Product Feed App for Shopify, updates product data automatically based on a set schedule. This way product data across multiple channels is always relevant for an informed purchasing decision.

Promote Your Products in Different Languages

The more targeted your offer is the more likely you’re to get attention. If you sell globally or want to reach new markets, you need to localize your product feeds.

This Shopify Product Feed will help you with that. It supports multiple currencies and languages for a global reach. Sell to your customers in their language and currency to increase the likelihood of a purchase.

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