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Shopify Login as Customer App

Login as Customer is the Shopify App that allows you to log in to customer's account with no credentials required. It enables you to assist customers with placing orders, fix account-related issues or sort out the shopping cart.

This Login as Customer App enables you to deliver a better customer experience through fast personalized support service. Help your customer associate your Shopify store with exceptional service with the help of Magefan Login as a Customer App.

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Reset customer's password to login (if you don't use Multipass)
Login as customer from CRMs and helpdesks outside Shopify
Login as customer in Shopify with and without Multipass
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Shopify Login as Customer App

Log in to Customer Accounts In a Few Clicks

Whether your customers are facing issues in their account, shopping cart, or checkout, they want you to sort them out quickly and with little effort required from them. That’s exactly what Login as Customer App helps you with.

You don’t need to request any customers’ login data to log in to their accounts and process their requests. All you have to do if you use Shopify Multipass is click on a customer whose account you want to log in to and confirm the action.

Login as Customer in Shopify
Require Assistance Shopify

Request Assistance Feature

If you don’t use a Multipass feature you can still optimize your support efforts by requesting customer consent. For that customer has to grant you access to their account through the “Allow Assistance” feature. Once they confirm they want your assistance, you can freely log in to your customer account and help them in placing orders or any other requests.

Since our Login As Customer Shopify App works in different cases, you can still log in to the customer account without a Multipass or customer assistance. You can just change their login and password temporarily.

Provide Better Customer Support

eCommerce is developing too fast which makes people look for not only unique products but exceptional support service. If you’re able to guide customers through all steps of their journey to ensure they’re satisfied with both product and service, they will come back.

Our Shopify Login as Customer will help you to leave an impression and provide a personalized experience, not every store offers.

Login as Customer with Multipass Shopify
Customer Account Login Logs

Track Customer Account Logging Activity

Even though you might not log in to customer accounts too often, you still have to keep track of the logins to know whose account has been visited recently. It helps in customer management and allows you to track down recent logins when required.


Does this app work for Shopify Plus?

Yes, Login as Customer App for Shopify works with Shopify Plus. The benefit is you can log in to a customer account with Multipass without having to reset the customer's password or wait for their approval for assistance.

I have a free plan but the app throws an error, what does it mean?

Most likely you have already logged in 10 times as per the free plan and now the app doesn’t allow you to log in as a customer. You have to wait till a month passes or upgrade to the Standard or Pro plan.

Can I log in to the customer account without a Multipass?

Yes, you can. However in this case you will have to reset customer passwords and log in or ask for customers’ consent to log in.

Will customers see I’ve logged in to their account?

The logging in is not tracked on the customers' side, so they won’t see any notification or notice someone’s been to their accounts. However, they can request assistance directly from their accounts.

Do you offer a free trial for this Shopify Login As Customer App?

Yes, we offer a free trial for this app. Once you click the "Install App" button you start a 14-day trial. Once the trial expires you need to choose a plan you want to use.

Is there a free plan for this app?

Yes, this app comes with a free plan that gives you the option to login to customer accounts up to 10 times. If you want unlimited logins, you need a paid plan.

What’s a spending limit of $99 per month I am asked to approve? I want to use a free plan.

We do offer a free plan for this app. However, since we also have paid plans, Shopify notifies you that this app can charge $99 per/month ($99 is the maximum amount one can charge per app per month on Shopify).

Shopify does this for all apps. But you won't be charged automatically or without approval if you use a free plan. Read more about Shopify app usage limit and decrease the app usage limit.

Quick Overview Video

Optimize your support service with the Login as Customer App. Log in to customer accounts in seconds and process customers' requests faster.

Watch this short video to learn how logging in actually works.
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As a big B2B player we use this module as a standard in our B2B webshops! It's great to help the sales team to place orders for customers or see exactly what issues they are dealing with and resolve them quickly. Thank you Magefan!

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Shopify Login as Customer App
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